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Joe Barnes Interview
"Bash for Cash"
2004 NKY Stats Leaders
2004 NKY Rankings
2005 Area Rosters
Past Player's of the Year
Area World/National Champioms
Hall of Fame Inductees
2004 All-NKY Team
2003 All-NKY Team
2002 All-NKY Team

Q.  How long have you been associated with softball in the NKY/Cinci area?

this will be my 14th season

Q:  Who are some other teams you have been associated with in the past?

i started playing with Carlisle back in 1990.  i started the Nasty Boys
in 1992 and the rest is history

Q:   Joe, what is the story behind the debacle that happened earlier in the year with the Nasties losing 4 or 5 of theyre core players? Some were longtime Nasty Boys.

some of the guys did not feel they got the credit they deserved for the
success of that team and they decided to move on and start there own team.
due to some issues they will not be back with the team this year as we had

Q.  How about former Nasty Jimmy Korman?  He is with either squad (Nasty, Empire) .  He always seemed to be a key contributor to the successful Nasty teams of the past.  It seems with you guys needing outfield help he would be an easy fix. Any news?

Jimmy is getting married this year and is not playing full time

Q.  Joe this is old news, I know.  But since this is my first interview with you I want to touch on what happened with the Benny Fields fiasco last year, where he played a NIT with the Base Bandits.  What exactly happened and do you have any hard feelings with the way things occured?

we finished 3rd in the first qualifier at Pastime and we were not
informed that we had qualified.  the week of the N.I.T. we were not playing
and Benny wanted to play and the Bandits assured me if they would qualify
that Benny would be released.  no, i have no hard feelings because as you
can see things worked out for both teams

Q.   Joe,  you are one of the most successful coaches in the history of USSSA softball in this area. But it seems you have a reputation of having a quick hook with players. I have seen some of the better players in the area play great elsewhere, but not perform well as a Nasty.  You either bring the absolute best out in players or on the flipside it seems some players do not respond well to your coaching style.   Is this a fair assessment?

first off i play to win.  the players decide if they play or not, if
you are not performing the way you should i will put someone in who will.
play hard and perform and you will always be in the lineup

Q.  As a coach what do you look for in a player and how do you determine if they will be a good Nasty boy?

talent and hustle.  then i try to figure out if they will fit with our
style of play

Q:   What happened with Brian Cook?  This guy probably goes down as one of the alltime greatest outfielders to ever play in NKY.  This year he chose to leave the Nasty squad after working so hard to  help make the Nasty Boys a force again, after losing a bunch of talent in 02.  Why did he leave just when things were looking up?

Brian really enjoyed C last season and he did not want to go through
the B circuit again.  he also wanted to play with Scott Trame and some of
the other guys he grew up with

Q.  Below are a list of positions. Next to each position list a current or former Nasty Boy who best fits as best. This would be Joe Barnes alltime Nasty squad.


1B  Tony Billings
2b   Danny "Fly" Johnson
SS  Todd Walpole
3B  Jeff Johnson
P    Mark Belcher
C   Lonnie Turner
4 OF's     Brian Cook, Benny Fields, Keith "Stinky" McCoy and Garren Parker.
M/Inf   Chad Dant
AH       Randy Lee

Q.  Joe, why is the Nasty Boys have so many haters. I mean you either love the Nasties or hate em. To be honest you have more haters it seems.   Why do you think this is?

i think most of the haters are just jealous of the success we have
year after year,  or they are still bitter about the beating we handed them

Q.  It is no secret now that theyre is another Nasty team on the horizon.  Nasty/ Blue has played very well the last couple weekends.  What exactly is Nasty/Blue and does Joe Barnes have anything to do with this?   What do you say to the people who say that this is just another Nasty JV squad for Joe Barnes?

a team made up of former Nasties.  i may help out with some coaching
when i can find the time.  no one will call them minor leaguers after the
step on the field with them

Q.   I am going to as you a fill in the blank question. Just simply fill in the blank.

The biggest misconception about Joe barnes is ____________________________?

the biggest misconception about Joe Barnes is __that he is arrogant__?
no i am just confident about myself and my tea

Q.  Like the question above about the alltime Nasty squad, this is the same thing except you are using current players around the league. Just Remember, you are not allowed to use any Nasty players from your squad. This will be Joe Barnes  2004 pre season allstar team.

1b  Tim Wolfe
2b   Donny Hankinson
SS  Bobby Shewmaker
3b  Steve Klute
P    Andy Isles
C   Greg Butler
2 OF's    Brian and Mike Cook
M/INf   Steve Dinser
AH    Kevin Hall

Q.  What in your opinion is the biggest problem the game of softball has today?

the cost of playing the game.  without a good sponsor it is hard for
teams to stay together because of the high league and tourney fees

Q.   What is your opinion of the all of the "superbats" available to players today? Good or bad for the game?

bad for the game.  softball is a bad hop away from an injury and then
when the guy steps into the box with a Miken i am glad i am not pitching or
playing the infield

Q.  Who in your opinion is the most under rated player in the game today?

Randy Lee, the guy is one of the best C hitters i have played with and
i am surprised no one picked him up from a quality C team

Q:   Below are a list of names and things relevant to the game of softball in this area. Next to each one use one word that best describes each person or topic in your opinion.


Nasty Boys:  
Brian Cook:     smooth
Mike Hartfiel:   solid
Huddy Park     potential
Easton Synergy  hate
Nasty Blue         jv
Joe Barnes      winner
OPP                   Butch
Benny Fields  stifler
Kevin Larison  doubledip

Q.  Joe, in your opinion what parks are the best and worst in the area?

expressway-best infields  huddy-best location but worst infields and

Q.  What current Nasty player do you want at bat when the game is on the line?

Rob Coffey, ice water runs through his veins

Q.  Give me your preseason top 5 in "B" this year.


1. Freeze
3 Lucke Homes
4 Nasty Boys
5 Springdale Cleaners

Q.   Joe,  what is your most rewarding moment throughout your career in competitive softball?

A: 2003 Nationals, it was a long hard season but we put it together when
it counted

Q.  On the flipside of the last question,  what is your most embarrasing moment?  Be honest.

A:  losing to the NKY Rage two years ago at Rivershore and having Randy
Lee and the rest of the team talk smack to us the whole game

Q.  Who would you say is Nasty Boys/Worth biggest rival?

with the Base Bandits gone i would have to say Red's Boys

Q.  What team are you most looking forward to play this year?

Freeze, i can't wait to see how we measure up against the best

Q.   If there was a magazine called  "Nasty Boy/Worth Weekly" what one person off your team would be on the cover. This one person would represent what your team is all about.  Dont whimp out and say the old cliche " Our whole team would be on the cover.....etc."   We all know it takes a team to win but all players arent the same.  Give me one player off your team that best fits what the Nasty Boy squad is all about? 

A:  Benny Fields, he not only has all the talent in the world he also
plays with a lot of heart and emotion.  then when we are playing he will
tell the other team all about it

Q.  Now some personal funfact question that are going to be relevant to yourself. All you do is simply answer them. Feel free to elaborate.

What is currently in your CD player?  

A:  Twista

If you had to have a one night stand with anyone in the world who would it be?

A:   Carmen Electra

Do you have a nickname?  If so what is it and how did you get it?

Jazzy Joe,  some of the guys started calling me that when i started to

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

i would not mind being 6'2"

What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?

A:  my career and my two sons

What is your biggest regret?

i never signed that letter of intent to play basketball for the
University of Kentucky

Q.   Below are a list of topics. Next to each one put your favorite and your least favorite.  Again feel free to elaborate.

                            Favorite                                 Least fav

Movie                 Friday                                  Major League 2

Eric Davis                               Terrell Owens

   Blue                                             2 and Out 

Music              Rap/R&B                           Country 

Wings                                          Chinese

Being DJ Jazzy Joe        Collecting

Sports team     UK

Q. Now back to softball.  If you wasnt playing/coaching for the Nasty Boys,  what other team out there could you see yourself playing with?   What other team would Joe Barnes fit in best?

A: Red's Boys, alot of talk to go with a lot of wins

Q.   Give me one thing that your team mates dont know about you, but if they did, you wouldnt live it down?  Everybody has one. Mine is I have all of Britney Spears records.  Come on Joe,  have fun with this one and answer honest?

A:  i had a mullet in the late 80's and i looked like McGyver

Q.  Below are a list of descriptions that I am going to ask you to list a Nasty (current or former) next to each one where they best fit.

Best hair            Ryan Helms
worst hair          Brian Kelly
vocal leader
      Keith "Stinky" McCoy
Team clown      Chad Dant
most likely to be ejected        Brian Cook
leader by example            Rob Coffey
clutch hitter                       Benny Fields
player with most hustle       Mark Belcher
most under rated Nasty Boy        Jamie Schultz

Q. Finally and most importantly, who is the better ballplayer? You or your brother?

me, the kid can't touch my stick

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