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2002 All-Northern KY Team
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2004 All-NKY Team
2003 All-NKY Team
2002 All-NKY Team

2002 All-NKY First Team
Pitcher: Jim Perry (So. Rental)
Catcher: Paul DeMoss (Greene's)
1st Base: Ron Peters (KY Chiro)
2nd Base: Jim Ray (So. Rental)
3rd Base: Steve Klute (KY Chiro)
Shortstop: John Slover (KY Chiro)
Outfield: Scott Trame (Greene's)
Outfield: Benny Fields (Nasty Boys)
Outfield: Kevin Hall (Team Pack)
Outfield: Keith McCoy (Nasty Boys)
Outfield: Brian Sandlin (KY Chiro)
Utility: Steve Dinser (Basebandits)
Utility: Andy Iles (Basebandits)
Utility: Jim Korman (Nasty Boys)
Manager: Mike Hartfiel (Basebandits)
Co-MVP: Kevin Hall (Team Pack)
Co-MVP: Jim Perry (So. Rental)
Rookie: Kevin Hall (Team Pack)
2002 All-NKY 2nd Team
Pitcher: Tony MacDonald (Nasty Boys)
Catcher: Rob Lindemann (Team Pack)
Catcher: Scott Young (KY Chiro)
1st Base: Kevin Greene (Greene's)
1st Base: Casey Stewart (So. Rental)
2nd Base: Ryan Helms (Nasty Boys)
2nd Base: Scott Moree (Basebandits)
3rd Base: Jeff Johnson (Nasty Boys)
Shortstop: Jason Brown (Team Pack)
Shortstop: Rusty Scott (So. Rental)
Outfield: Bryan Rutherford (Rick's AC)
Outfield: Jim Hartfiel (Basebandits)
Outfield: Kevin Lareson (Basebandits)
Outfield: Steve Shields (So. Rental)
Outfield: Kevin rassman (So. Rental)
Outfield: Chris Young (Greene's)
Utility: Mike Poage (Basebandits)
Utility: Don Hankinson (Rick's AC)
Utility: Mike Hartfiel (Basebandits)
Utility: Larry Kearns (Basebandits)
Utility: Todd Walpole (Nasty Boys)
Manager: Mark Clinkenbeard (So. Rental)
MVP: John Slover (KY Chiro)
Rookie: Matt Mason (Team Pack)
2002 All-NKY Honorable Mentions
Basebandits: Greg Butler(Rookie), Chris Garnett, Rick Lankheit, Andy McNabb, Mike Poage(Manager)
Greene's: Jay Eibel, Jeff Trame, Scott Trame(Manager)
KY Chiro: Chris Baker, Mike Cook, Brian Daniels, Jim faulkner, Jody Ford, Ken Hansel(Manager)
Nasty Boys:Joe Barnes(Manager), Tony Billings, Bennie Fields(MVP), Jim Korman(Rookie), Dan Johnson, Lonnie Turner
Rick's AC: Jason Bach, Tim Barker, Roger Dunn, Jeff Ellis, Dan Lee, Mark Knue(Manager), Bryan Rutherford(MVP),
Team Pack: Brandon Black, Dan Botkin, Jeff Bowman, Bill Brown, Bill Chard(Manager),  Matt Mason, Danny Sharp
So. Rental: Jimmy Roberts, Jeff Young