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2003 All City/NKY Teams
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2004 All-NKY Team
2003 All-NKY Team
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2003 All-NKy Team
1st Team
P - Andy Iles (Basebandits)
C - Lonnie Turner (Nasty Boys)
1st - Kevin Greene (NKYSoftball)
2nd - Donny Hankinson (Basebandits)
3rd - Steve Klute (J-Law)
SS - Rusty Scott (Red's Boys)
OF - Kevin Hall (J-Law)
OF - Benny Fields (Nasty Boys)
OF - Brian Cook (Nasty Boys)
OF - Billy Dennis (Red's Boys)
OF - Scott Moree (Basebandits)
Utility - Larry Kearns (Basebandits)
Utility - Timmy Barker (Tina's)
Utility - Jason Brown (J-Law)
Utility - Scott Trame (NKYSoftball)
Utility - Tim Wolfe (Red's Boys)
Manager - Mike Hartfiel (Basebandits)
MVP - Kevin Greene (NKYSoftball)
Rookie - Bobby Shewmaker (Nasty Boys)
2nd Team
P - Roger Riley (Nasty Boys)
C - Doug Murphy (J-Law)
1st - Chris Garnett (Basebandits)
2nd - Craig Johnson (NKYSoftball)
2nd - Chris Baker (Red's Boys)
2nd - Jimmy Ray (Red's Boys)
3rd - Brian Penick (Basebandits)
SS - Mike Hartfiel (Basebandits)
OF - Brian Sandlin (Red's Boys)
OF - Matt Mason (J-Law)
OF - Mike Cook (Red's Boys)
OF - Chris Young (NKYSoftball)
Utility - Brandon Johnson (NKYSoftball)
Utility - Jason Kraemer (J-Law)
Utility -  Paul DeMoss (Tina's)
Utility - Jimmy Hartfiel (Basebandits)
Utility - Randy Lee (Nasty Boys)
Utility - Jamie Schultz (Nasty Boys)
Manager - Joe Barnes (Nasty Boys)
MVP - Steve Klute (J-Law)
Rookie - Roger Drake (NKYSoftball)
2003 All-City "B" Team
1st Team
P - Bobby Noeth (Freeze)
C- Jimmy Carter (Freeze)
1st - Mike Bolland (DLB Purchasing)
2nd - Mike Kinnett (EMR/Worth)
3rd - Homer Matheny (Freeze)
SS - Jeff Click (Freeze)
OF - Darrell Hall (DLB Purchasing)
OF - Sean Mullins (Freeze)
OF - Johnny Miller (EMR/Worth)
OF - Jason Roesch (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Jon Jamison (Lucke/Worth)
Utility - Dan Houchins (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Brandon Chestnut (DLB Purchasing)
Utility - George Ferris (Freeze)
Utility - Jim Jamison (Lucke/Worth)
Utility - Craig Johnson ('s)
Utility - Rusty Scott (Red's Boys/TPS)
Utility - Ken Wilp (Lucke/Worth)
Manager - Bill Chard ('s)
MVP - Darrell Hall (DLB Purchasing)
Rookie - Michael Rogers (Marty's Pub)
2nd Team
P - Trevor Barth (DLB Purchasing)
C - Tim Wolfe (Red's Boys/TPS)
1st - Kevin Greene ('s)
2nd - Dave Beall (Marty's Pub)
3rd - Marvin Doyle (EMR/Worth)
SS - Carey Taylor (Taylor Made)
OF - Ryan Minges (Cooper/Worth)
OF - Jeff Hail (DLB Purchasing)
OF - Tony Huber (Cooper/Worth)
OF - Brian Sandlin (Red's Boys/TPS)
Utility - Shane Hatfield (EMR/Worth)
Utility -  Tony McKinney (Lucke/Worth)
Utility - Jay Morgan (DLB Purchasing)
Utility - Brian Price (EMR/Worth)
Manager - Shawn Lucke (Lucke/Worth)
MVP - Jon Jamison (Lucke/Worth)
Rookie - Kevin Greene ('s)
2003 All-City "Major" Team
1st Team
P - Jim Burbrink (Perkins/TPS)
C - Monty McCory (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
1st - Tom Ellis (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
2nd - Mike Kinnett (EMR/Worth)
SS - Jeff Click (Freeze Concrete)
3rd - Homer Matheny (Freeze Concrete)
OF - Brian May (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
OF - Brian Wegman (Perkins/TPS)
OF - Ryan Robbins (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
OF - Jason Roesch (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Johnny Miller (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Darrell Hall (DLB Purchasing)
Utility - Shane Hatfield (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Jon Jamison (Lucke Homes)
Utility - Pat Shanks (Perkins/TPS)
Manager - Dave Watanabe (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
MVP - Brian May (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
Rookie - Kevin Greene ('s)
2nd Team
P - Bobby Noeth (Freeze Concrete)
C - Mike Boland (DLB Purchasing)
1st - Jim Jamison (Lucke Homes)
2nd - Brandon Chestnut (DLB Purchasing)
SS - Brad Jones (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
OF - Ken Wilp (Lucke Homes)
OF - Sean Mullins (Freeze Concrete)
OF - Larry Wert (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
Utility - Dan Houchins (EMR/Worth)
Utility - Mark Smith (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
Utility - Troy Rawlings (Perkins/TPS)
Manager - Shawn Lucke (Lucke Homes)
Manager - Craig Perkins (Perkins/TPS)
MVP - Tom Ellis (Watanabe/K&G/TPS)
MVP - Darrell Hall (DLB Purchasing)
MVP - Jon Jamison (Lucke Homes)
Rookie - Shane Hatfield (EMR/Worth)
This is compliments of the Cincinnati Softball News. The All-City "Major" Team as voted on by the top area Men's Major - A - B manager's. The All-NKy Team was voted on by the C & B manager's of NKY. The All City "B" Team was voted on by the City's top "B" managers.