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Scott Trame Interview
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Q.  How long have you been involved in softball in the NKY/Cincy area?

For about 20 years. Started playing 12 and under Kentucky state in 1984.

Q.  Give the readers an idea of whats new and who's who this year for the 2004 squad?

We are similar to the 2002 Goodtimers II squad with a couple of pickups. We added Eddie Weinberg and Mike Snider from last years NKY/Angilos team. We also added Brian Cook from the Nasty Boys. Those three additions give us the depth and athleticism to put us above the past teams we have had. 

Q.  After playing "B" last year, you guys are back to playing "C" after a few roster changes.  How was your experience in "B"?  Did you like it or hate it and why?

I really enjoyed playing at the B level with last year's squad. It was a great group of guys and unbelievable competition.  You don't realize how good some of these teams are before you actually get to step on the field with them. The only draw back was not getting to play ball with all the friends I have played with over the previous 4 years.

Q.  Why the big change in rosters. It seems you lost mainly  Angilos guys after a pretty spectacular year. Why?

It goes back to wanting to play with my friends. That team was talented and we were fortunate enough to play well at the right times last year. Somethings just do not replace having your friends around playing the game you love. There is not one person on the Angilos team I wouldn't do anything for.

Q.   Whats the expectations for this year?

That is easy.  Win the NSA C Super World in Plant City, Fl.

Q.  Give me your personal pre-season top 5 "C" teams this year.  Put them in the order you see fit.


Southern Softball
Come Get's Em


Q.    Below are a list of positions.  Without using players,  list players around the league that best fits next to each position. This would be Scott Trames pre season 03/04 All star team.  Remember no players.

  Steve Spille
  Craig Johnson
  Rusty Scott
  Steve Klutie
Bobby Noeth
Lonnie Turner
2 OF's
Jimmy Faulkner, Sean Mullins
Stevie D
Roger Drake
Joe Barnes

Q.  Scott, who in your opinion is the most underrated player in the game today?

CRAIG JOHNSON- Everybody that has played with him realizes how good he is but he doesn't get respect from any other teams. I've played with some good infielders since I started playing softball but he might be the best I've ever played with. Kevin Greene had a great year in 2003 (NKY Player of the Year) but he might not have been the MVP on his own team. His only draw back is you can't get him to shut up.

Q.   Below are a list of names and things relevant to softball in this area. By each one list one word that best describes them in your opinion?

A: Exciting
Kevin Greene
Bill Chard
Scott Trame
B Division
Craig Johnson
Donny Fisher
NKY Storm
Brian Cook

Chris Young

Q.  What is the best and worst softball parks in the area and why?

The best is Expressway Park. The fields are always in great condition and rarely do you get rained out.


The worst is RiverStar. The lights are terrible and the fences are falling down. People could get hurt. Hopefully new ownership will change that.

Q.  Do you think the new owners of Kentucky Sports Park (formerly Huddy Park) will make any significant changes to the park in 04, or do you think we will continually have to deal with all the problems that comes with that park?

I hope they do. It will be easier for them to work on it since they actually own it.  Donnie was in a tough spot because he didn't own it. No matter what happens up there I doubt it could be as fun and exciting of a place the original Softball City.

Q.  Where is NKYSoftball going to play their leagues at this year and why?

We will play Tuesday at Expressway in a doubleheader B-C league because it offers some of the best competition around and you play at a great park. We will play Wednesdays at KSP (Huddy) in the ASA league to see some ASA\NSA type pitching to get us ready for tournaments.

Q.   Scott,  what is your most rewarding moment throughout your career in competitive softball?

Being able to grow up and play softball along side my dad. He has taught me everything I know about the game not many people can say they were able to play 10 competitive years with their dad.

Q.  On the flipside of the last question,  what is your most embarrasing moment?  Be honest.

My most embarrassing moment probably happened this year during the Metro when we were playing in the finals against Marty's Pub. I was in right field and the outfield sideline bleachers were packed with nothing but Marty's fans. I was getting heckled all game and there was a man on first and the batter hits a short fly ball in foul territory right in front of the bleachers. I coasted under it snapped off the popup with a real big and deliberate snap. I was staring and laughing at all of them but I forgot about the runner on first until the fans reminded me he was now on third base. The entire place was now laughing and heckling me including my teammates.

Q.   Who would you say will be NKYSoftball.coms biggest rival and why?

That is hard because with us playing NSA we haven't developed any rivalries yet. I would guess it would end up being Storm since they are in the same boat as us playing a non USSSA schedule so we will get to see them a lot at tournaments. Another rivalry would be Trinity Softball. They have some of our Angilos teammates on there and I'm sure we are going to battle in league play at Expressway. That's because we know the secret of getting Craig Johnson out.

Q.  If there was a magazine called " NKYSoftball.Com Weekly" what one person off your team would be on the cover. This one person would represent what your team is all about.  Dont whimp out and say the old cliche " Our whole team would be on the cover.....etc."   We all know it takes a team to win but all players arent the same.  Give me one player off your team that best fits what the squad is all about? 

Kevin Greene. He is everything you would want someone on your team to be. He is a great hitter, he is the best fielding first basemen in the city by far (with our infielders that is important), he hustles his butt off every play of every game no matter what. If he doesn't think you are hustling he will let you know about it and he is also one of my great friends. His only downside is he does nothing but work in the winter so you never see him.

Q.  Now some personal funfact question that are going to be relevant to yourself. All you do is simply answer them. Feel free to elaborate.



What is currently in your CD player?


Elvis, Violent Femmes and Eminem



If you had to have a one night stand with anyone in the world who would it be?


Jennifer Garner

Do you have a nickname?  If so what is it and how did you get it?


Skinny, Gary Bockweg gave it to me because of my sleek figure and fatty was already taken.

Franchise, Chris Young started calling me that when Angilos first started asking me to play while our Goodtimers team was still playing.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?


I'd like to be about 4 inches taller

What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?


I'm about to be a father any time now so that is definitely it.

What is your biggest regret?


I don't know if this is a regret or disappointment but getting hurt before last season and not being able to compete at the level I know I could have. I finally get a chance to show what I can do on a big stage like the B level and I couldn't hit the ball past the dirt space. That was regretful.

Q.   Below are a list of topics. Next to each one put your favorite and your least favorite.  Again feel free to elaborate.

                            Favorite                                 Least fav.

Blazing Saddles                                  Beaches

Babe Ruth                                            Allen Iverson

Orange                                                Turquoise      

Everything                                           ??

Everything                                           Nothing

Baseball Cards                                      

Sports team       
Cincinnati Reds                                   Boston RedSox

Q. Now back to softball.  If you wasnt playing for,  what other team out there could you see yourself playing with?   What other team would Scott Trame fit in best?


Our old Angilos team. I loved playing with them last year.

Q.   Give me one thing that your team mates dont know about you, but if they did, you wouldnt live it down?  Everybody has one. Mine is I have all of Britney Spears records.  Come on Scott,  have fun with this one and answer honest?

I'm a soap opera junkie. I come home for lunch all the time to watch Days of our Lives.

Q.   Which side of the river is better when it comes to softball,  KY or Ohio and why?

That is a hard question. I think Ohio has the most talent as far as B and A teams. But I would say Northern Kentucky has the better C and D teams. It is hard to compare because there are so many more teams in Cincy than in Northern Kentucky.

Q.    Scott, are you happy with the state of the game today?  Is there anything you would fix if you could? If so, what and why?

The different associations in softball are where the problem is these days. You have USSSA with an aging Director in Kentucky that relies on information he gets from other teams bitching and whining to him. He needs to take a good look at the decreasing number of teams playing USSSA across the state. Then you have ASA who can't make up there minds about bats and then you add Saylor who even if the ASA national rule allows something he changes it for himself.


I would fix it by first replacing the KY USSSA director and then look at sanctioning in a way that allows teams to compete nationally. The Storm is a perfect example, there is no reason they should have to play B, especially after the "committee" approved it. If they want to use a committee they need to tweak it a little. I think it's a great idea with some flaws.

Q.   And finally, you guys landed a premier player this year in Brian Cook. How do you think he will help you guys out most in 2004?

He is the center fielder that every team I've played on in the past 10 years lacked. He might be cocky but if you get to know him like we do you will find out he is really a good guy and a great weapon to have.