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Brian Sandlin Interview
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1. How long have you been an active participant in softball in the NKY/Cincinnati area?

BS: since 1984

2. Who are some of the other teams you have played with or been associated with throughout your career?

BS: started with reds boys, knights, underwood cattle, storm, ky chiro, and

reds part II

3. Brian, you have to be one of the most popular if not the most popular softball player in the area. Those who dont know you have heard of you and those that have heard of you look up to you. Whether they are calling you Sandman, Sandy or just Brian Sandlin, you have become a well known commodity throughout the softball area. The thing that impresses me the most is, though you are a superstar, you dont come off with that "I am better than the average player, so I wont talk to you" attitude that most superstars have. I think that is why you are so popular. You are very approachable on the field and at the parks and I commend you for those qualities. Was this something that you try and do or is that just the makeup of Brian Sandlin?

BS: I dont think of myself as a superstar. I think it is just a part of my

personallity. I have met so many great people in this game that i would

have never met had it not been for softball.

4. Now, In my eyes you are the leader when it comes to Reds, so I am going to ask you some leader type questions. Brian, there is no doubt that underachieve is a word that is sticking with the Reds Boys team right now. With all of that talent, I think we all thought no one could play with you guys. Did we as fans put to much into the Reds fortunes or do you agree with the assumption that you are underachieveing right now?

BS: I believe that is a fair statement. We havent played to our capability yet.

You just cant get a bunch of guys together and expect it to work right

away. I have been on some pretty talented teams in the past and just

couldnt get it done for what ever reason. I believe we will be fine we just

need some more games under our belt.

5. Brian is it safe to say that if Reds have already reached their peak in 2003, that there will be some major changes for the Reds squad if not the possibility of there not being a 2004 Reds squad?

BS: Negative we have not reached our peak. Red wants to win as bad as any of us

so of course red will make the changes needed. If i am one of them then so

be it.

6. Red has been around the league a longtime. He has been successful more than once in his career so obviously he knows what he is doing. But he has a reputation for carrying to many players. Just this week he has picked up Lance Fossitt and Billy Dennis who are super players in their own right, but do you think this is overkill? I mean there is no way you guys can develop a rhythm or consistency when you have a different lineup every weekend?

BS: we have many players that cant play every week. these two guys are fulltime

guys who can be there every week we needed that on our team.

7. Brian you are a fabulous umpire also as well as a superstar on the field. Is this something you are going to take more seriously in the future when your playing days are behind you?

BS: i love to umpire because it keeps me near the game. i take umpiring very

serious now when i am out there.

8. It seems softball is on life support. Every week it seems to be losing a little steam. Do you agree with this assumption, and if so what could be done in your opinion to save the game of softball?

BS: nothing is going to change the slide over night. people just dont want to

sponser softball like they used to. leagues and tournaments are outragous

especially now that you have to supply your own balls.

9. Below are a list of parks in the NKY/Cinci area. By using the 1-10 scale with 1 being a dump and 10 being a field of dreams, rate these parks and list an example for some of them, why you rate them as such.

Huddy Park..........8 many good memories

Riverstar........5 never really liked but is getting better

Rivershore.........7 love the playing fields a little out of the way for some

Expressway...........10 best there is around here

Rumpke.........7 metro is the only thing this park has going for it.

Eggelston.........8 atomsphere is unmatched

Pastime.........6 it is decent

Queen City.........6 only played there once but cant complain

10. Below are a list of positions. By using players that are not on the Reds roster, fill in each position who you think is the best fit so far in 2003. This will be Brian Sandlin's 2003 All Star team.

1B....Larry Kerns

2B....Donald Hankinson

SS....Jason Brown

3B.....Steve Klute

P.......Jim Perry

C.......Rob Lindemann

2 Outfielders......Jimmy Faulkner, Kevin Hall

AH.......Matt Mason

Coach.......Chris Craddock

11. In your opinion who is the most under rated player in the game of softball?

BS: khris baker this kid does it all

12. Brian what impresses you most about a player. What type of player would catch your eye if you were looking to start a team coached by Brian Sandlin?

BS: having the tools obviously but most of all having a winning attitude and

>desire to play.

13. What do you dislike about a player. What qualities shown by some players today do you think is just plain ludicrous?

BS: the way thaat players think that they are bigger than the game itself.

14. Below are a list of names and things involved in the game of softball. By each name list one word that best describes these persons or things in your opinion.

Easton Synergy.....................WOW

15 HR rule on league nites...Just Right

NKY Knights.........................TOUGH

Huddy Park............................Great times

USSSA pitching..................hate it


Lance Fossitt..............self made

Billy Dennis..................rising star

Benny of the best

Best umpire in the league....Bill Kabala

15. Go ahead and give me your Top 5 in Nky Softball. Be Honest.

1. Reds

2. NKY Softball

3. Base Bandits

4. J-Law

5. Southern

16. This is a fill in the blank question.

The biggest misconception about Brian Sandlin is___?

BS: is that he is too good for people.

17. Brian with all the superbats out there I am curious on what bat you currently swing?

BS: tps gen x

18. Who in your opinion is the Reds Boys biggest Rival?

BS: guess j-law because we are all good friends and we want to beat them

everytime we play them. plus it is usually a war.

19. After your playing days are done, how would you like people to remember Brian Sandlin as a player?

BS: gave all he could back to the game. played with intensity and loved his

teammates like brothers.

20. Below are a list of names against each other. What I need you to do is pick one or the other. Which one do you prefer?

Huddy Park or Rivershore............Huddy Park

Red Moore or Kenny Hansel.........I will not do this

ASA or USSSA............................ASA

KY Chiro or NKY Knights...............KY Chiro

Bisquits or Cookies...............I like them both in the morning