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Rob Lindemann Interview
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1.  How long have you been involved in softball in the NKY/Cinci area?

Rob Lindemann:
It's funny - I always said I would not play softball, but after my hard ball career was over when I graduated college I got hooked.  That has been since 1992.

2.  Who are some of the other teams you have played for or been associated with in your career?

Reds Boys - 1992
Central KY Mudcats, Berea KY - 93-94
Chug a Lug - Florence, KY - 95
Hitmen - Erlanger - 96
Storm - 97-01
Teampack 02

  3.  Ok Rob the big question right off the bat. You guys seem able to beat every team you play this year except the Base Bandits. What is it that this team has over you guys? I mean in Indy you guys were absolutely smoking teams and at one time had a 12-1 lead on the Base Bandits, but still lost.  I think they beat you twice in that tournament and they were somewhat short handed. To be honest I didnt think they had a chance beating you guys in that tourney. You guys were Red Hot until then. Do they have your number?

I wasn't at Indy, but we always seem to get a lead on the basebandits and then we tend to relax too much, and they never give up.  They do have our number at this point be we are not afraid to face them.

4.  I recently interviewed your team mate Brandon Black. In his interview I asked him if you guys had that cockiness back that once made that team click and let me say my friend that from watching you guys play there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you guys have it back. You are either the cockiest or the most confident team I have seen play in a longtime. Beetween  Brandon Black  flipping  the bat and posing after hits or Danny Sharp giving you guys the eyes wide open bugeyed stare after he rips a gapper running down the first base line not to mention Steve Klute just being Steve Klute, is this what drives you guys? You seem at your best when you play with that type of attitude.

  I feel that this team is very confident and just likes to have fun, the more you win the more confident you get and the more fun you have.


4.   Some teams look down on this style of play. Let me say this. If I was coaching a team, I would want my team to have that type of confidence. I absolutely LOVE watching you guys play. To me its entertaining to watch and in my opinion the teams or players who frown on that style of play are the guys that cant beat ya. But what is your response to people who take shots at J-Law for theyre type of play?

Just like any other team with the same type of style, you have to play with those guys to understand what they are actually about.  No one on this team is any more cocky then other players out there!

5.  I think I know the answer to this question so I will ask it a little bit differently. Are the Base Bandits your biggest rivals? If not who is?

The Basebandits are out biggest rivals, because at this point they are the team to beat in C and they give us fits.  

6.  Last year Bill Chard was the coach of then Team Pack. Now Jeff Bowman is.  What is the biggest difference playing for Jeff Bowman compared to Bill Chard?

JB is a gamer and he wants that out of you and I believe he is more of a players coach.  He is also a more in your face coach then Bill Chard.

7.  Did you guys set a goal this year? If so what is it?

Just win all you can and have fun.  I think all teams have the same goal, win a ring.

8.  This is a fill in the blank question.
       The biggest misconception about Rob Lindemann is_____?

Cocky - this has carried over from back in the day when I played in the outfield.

9. Without using any J-Law players fill in the names of players that best fit these positions listed below. This would be Rob Lindemanns 2003 all star team.


1B  Larry Kerns
2B   Kris Baker
SS  Steve Dinser
3B  Rusty Scott
P     Andy Isle
C      Scott Young
AH    George Farris
2 Outfielders  Mike Cook, Brian Sandlin
Coach  Chris Craddock

10.  Who in your opinion is the most under rated player in the game?

Jeff Young - plays different positions and is hard to get out.

11.  Below are a list of parks in the area. By using the 1-10 scale with 1 being a dump and 10 being a field of dreams rate the following parks and also try and give a description why you rate them as such.


8 Nice set up for fans/ Great Hitting Park/Good Parking

Huddy Park 
7 Good Softball atmosphere/Bad Parking/Good Wings

9 Great Fields/Well run park/Good shelter area

6 OK fields/Good Hitting Park/New view area will be nice

7 Good Fields/Nice Shade Area/Cool Bar

7 Metro Tourney/ Good Fields in middle of complex/ Like the low fences

Queen City  
4 OK Fields/Not much else

Pastime Park 
3  OK Fields/ They work hard on them to get fields ready

12. Give me your top 5 teams in the area


1.  Reds Boys
2.  Base Bandits
3.  NKY Softball
4.  J-Law
5.   Trimex

13.  If you could change one thing about the game of softball what would it be?

Players paying to get into ballparks

14.  What is your opinion on the "superbats"?  Do you believe theyre is a place in the game for loaded composite bats?

Nice to hit with, however I feel it is hurting the game.  Average hitters hitting bombs and defense being afraid of being hit by seeds hit by good hitters

15. What bat do you currently swing?

Right now I swing a Mizuno Rage (until the hits run out)I also have a Demarini Fat Boy and a Regular Black Mizuno in my my bag to switch to. (Superstition)

16. Below are a list of names and things relative to the game of softball. By each name use one word that best describes each name or thing.


Rob Lindemann 
Base Bandits   Relentless
The Storm      Family
Huddy Park    Atmosphere
Catchers     Smart
Ultra 2          Stupid
Kevin Hall     Awesome
Bat Flipping   Whatever
Steve Dinser    Nails
Bill Chard     Coach

17.  OK lets play fantasy softball here. Say J-Law is in the bottom of the 7th inning, trailing by one run with 2 outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd but you are out of home runs in the 2003 Worlds tournament. Besides yourself, which J-Law player would you handpick to be put in that type of spotlight to knock in the winning runs?

Brandon Black, he can go to either side and usually doesn't chase a bad pitch.

18.  If you retired tomorrow from softball how would you like people to remember Rob Lindemann as a player?

That he hustled all the time and was good at his position and would do whatever to help the team.

19.  Rob alot of people look down on the catching position.  There is a misconception that if you play catch than you must just be a good hitter and arent very good in the field. I have watched you play and you add other demensions to the position.  What are some of the things catchers can do to stay involved in the game defensively so maybe they wouldnt be labeled per say?

Just try to help the team by backing everything up and also it helps to try to remember hitters and their tendancies.  Lots of communication also.

20.  Finally, when are you guys getting those famous pink uniforms we all heard about in the pre season?  And what is up with the white goatee?  I had to look 10 times to make sure J-Law didnt pick up a new catcher.  LOL!!

I am still hoping that is a rumor!  I don't have any stir-ups to match.  As far as the goatee I was just trying something different.  Look out because now it is a fu-man-chue!!