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Mike Cook Interview
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1.  What other teams besides Reds have you been apart of in the past?  If there are any accomplishments that you want to share, please feel free to share them.

 First I started with Red when I was 17, then I went to the Storm for about 6 years. Last year I played with KY Chiro. Now I'm back with Red.  As for my accomplishments there are some.  The biggest would be Player of the Year in 2001. I was also voted to several all NKY teams.

2.  Mike in 2001, you were voted Player of the Year. This is an accomplishment that players feel is the hardest to receive, for there are so many good players throughout the league.  How overwhelming was the feeling for receiving this honor?

 I don't think I was overwhelmed by the honor just surprised.  Don't get me wrong it was pretty nice being Player of the Year, but I can't say I did it alone.  The team I played on helped me with that.  We all deserved it that year.  

3.   On the flipside of the last question, I would also like to say that after receiving a honor like " Player of the year" it is extremely difficult to follow that type of year up. Those that I have talked too say that you found it difficult to put up these same numbers in 2002. Is this a true assessment and if so what in your opinion added to the difficulty of 2002 compared to the phenomenal year you had in 2001?

 I don't think I found it difficult to put up those kinds of numbers.  Plain and simple, I had a bad year, it happens. 

  4.  Following up the last two questions, what is your personal expectations for Mike Cook in 2003?

 I really don't think about personal expectations, I think about team expectations.  I mean if I go out and have a good tourney and we only win 1 or 2 games it doesn't mean nothing. 

  5.  Mike as you know I have recently interviewed Casey Stewart and Jimmy Ray. I didnt ask them this question but I will ask you.  In my preseason poll I had you guys # 1 as did other polls on other sites in the NKY area.  With the Base Bandits and Angilos winning N.I.T's and picking up where they left off last year, they seemed to have passed you guys up in the polls. Its no secret that you havent exactly lit it up yet, like expected.  By all means this is not a swipe at Reds for I feel you still have the best talent on your team than any team in the area. But are there problems in Redland? Are you guys not jelling together, quite yet, or am I totally off base with my assumption?

 First off those polls don't mean nothing, those are just opinions from people.  It's only May come talk to me in August or September about whose lighting it up then.  As for problems in Redland, there is none. 

5.  What are the expectations for Reds Boys this year?   Did Red and Kenny get you guys together and tell you what they expected in 2003?

 The expectations for Reds Boys this year is being World Champions.  I'm pretty sure that's what Red and Kenny want to. 

  6.  As I said previously, I had Reds Boys #1 in my preseason poll as did others. This being basically a first year team,  was these expectations hard to live up too every weekend knowing everybody is expecting Reds to just walk on the competition?

 Like I said polls don't mean nothing.  As for everybody expecting us to just walk over the competition, this is softball you win some and you lose some. 

  7. Who would you say is Reds biggest rival?

 Everybody in NKY 

  8.  Mike, go ahead and list me your Nky top 5.

  Reds Boys 
2.  Base Bandits 
3.  J-Law 
4.  Southern Rental
5.  Classic Carwash 

  9.   Mike, what bat are you currently swinging and what is your opinion on these bats that are out now with built in pop. Are they good or bad for the game?

 I'm currently swinging a Mizuno red fury, but I'm thinking about getting an Ultra II.  We play all ASA and most teams we play will be swinging them.  If I get one there good for the game, If I don't get one there bad.

  10.  In your opinion, give me a list of some good things and some not so good things that are involved in the sport of softball today?

 Good things - playing with a good group of guys and having fun. 

 Bad things - paying to get into the parks. 

  11. If there was on thing you could change about the state of softball today, what would it be?

 Paying to get into the park.  Entry fee not enough. 

  12.   Now time for some fun questions.  Below are a list of positions.  I want you to list in each position the best player that pops in your mind to fill these positions in the NKY area. Remember you CANNOTT use Reds players. This will basically be Mike Cooks 2003 All Star team.

  Larry Kearns 
2B  Danny Sharp 
SS  Steve Dinser 
3B  Steve Klute 
P    Andy Isle 
C    Rob Lindemann 
2 Outfielders  Kevin Hall, Scott Moree 
AH  Dwayne Webb 
Coach  Mike Hartfiel 

13.  Who in your opinion is the most under rated player in the game today?

 Jimmy Roberts - He goes out every weekend and plays 110% and you can play him anywhere and he will do a great job. 

14.  Below are a list of parks in the area. By using a scale of 1-10. 1 being a dump and 10 being the field of dreams, rate these parks and give an explanation of why you give the parks these ratings.

Huddy Park
  7 - Bad location and not enough parking.  But good park to play in. 

Expressway Park  8 - Very nice park. 

Rivershore  9 - Great complex, but needs some big tourney's. 

Riverstar  6 - Right now, hopefully the new owner will turn it around. 

Rumpke  8 - Really like this park, but get rid of the wooden fences, they hurt. 

Eggelston  8 - Love how you can go out and play in the hot sun, then sit in plenty of shade. 

Queen City 5 - I've played in better parks.   

Kenton Lakes  5 - Have not played there in along time, but wasn't thrilled.  

Pastime  6 - OK park, infield is awful big. 

Green Mountain  0 - Are you kidding me, one word Craphole. 

15.  Below are a list of names relevant to yourself and the game of softball. By using just one word give each selection the best word that pops up in your head that describes these persons or things.

The Storm
Brian Sandlin  Sandman 
Mike Cook  Eight-ball 
Miken Ultra 2  Crazy 
seeds up the middle  Perfect 
three man outfields  Awesome 
44 core or 47 core ( kind of a pick em question) 47 
Bisquits  Wings 
KY Chiro  Fun 
Huddy Park  Beer 

16.  Do you have a sports idol?  If so who is he/she?

 He's no pro athlete, but my dad is my sports hero.  He taught me the game of softball and how to have fun while you play it.

17.  This is a fill in the blank question. 
         The biggest misconception about Mike Cook is _

 I really don't think I'm cocky now. I might have been back in the day, but what can I say, I was young. 

18.  Which association of softball do you prefer ASA or USSSA and why?

 ASA - No juking, no 1 and 1 count, just regular softball. 

19.   If today was your last day playing softball, how would you want people to remember Mike Cook as a player?

 Always had fun playing the game, plus was a hell of an outfielder. 

  20.  And finally Mike if Reds were in the bottom of the 7th of the championship game in the B Worlds tournament in 2003, down 1 run with  men on second and third, with two outs, who on your team by yourself would you like to see at the plate?

 If we has a homerun left, Tim Wolfe.  But no homeruns left anybody on my team, any of my teammates can get the job done.  But your wanting me to say somebody aren't you, OK , Bakes.