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Jimmy Ray Interview
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Ray Deworth:   Q:   How long have you been involved in NKY Softball?

     Jimmy Ray: A:  This is my third season.

  RD: Q:   Who are some of the teams you have played for or been associated with in the past?

     JR: A:
     I played with a few teams around the Louisville area Coyote's 95-96,
Gateway Press 97-2000. Then in the 2001 -2002 Southern Rental currently with Reds boys

   RD: Q:  Here is your chance to say a little about yourself. List some  of your  softball accomplishments that you are most proud of and is there something that you havent accomplished that you feel you need to accomplish to make your career complete?

   JR: A:
There is really no number one thing that stands out in my mind as far
as accomplishments. I have just enjoyed playing on some good teams with some great guys. I am proud of finishing in the top 10 in two ASA 'A' world tournaments. I  enjoyed winning the ASA 'B' state tournament last year along with being named MVP. I  also am proud of being named all world in an ASA  'B' world tournament.There is nothing I feel I need to accomplish to make my career complete a world title would be nice though.

  RD: Q:   Last year you played for Southern Rental who was a major force to be reckoned with in 2002.  Did Southern Rental run its course and you felt you needed a change or did Red Moore just knock you guys off your feet with some type of lucrative offer?

     JR: A:

I enjoyed playing with Southern we had some awesome times but I
felt it was time for a change.

  RD: Q:  Why did Southern Rental break up? 

     JR: A:
It is hard to really pinpoint why. I believe there were a few factors and
everyone had there reasons for leaving. I think the organizational part of it was probably my biggest reason.  

   RD: Q:    Jimmy Ray this question is becoming a bit repititious for these interviews and I am considering not asking this one anymore. But just by watching you play or reading some of your posts on the boards its pretty obvious you like too hit bombs.  What do you think of the composite bats like the Ultra 2? Do you think these type of bats hurt the game? 

   JR: A:
I've never used one so speaking from the defensive side of it, no I do
not like these bats. It probably does hurt the game to some degree. I am old school, so  give us a junky bat and lets hit gaps and turn singles into doubles.

  RD: Q:   What bat do you currently swing?

     JR: A:
    That's funny 'cause I don't know the name of it. Some type of a red

   RD: Q:   In your opinion what is some of the good things and some of the not so good things involved in todays game of softball?  

    JR: A:
   I think the competetion is great, anyone can beat anyone on any given
night. I don't like all the bad tempers and cussing on the field. My son enjoys going to the games and those are things I would rather he not pick up on.

  RD: Q:  If there was one thing you could change about softball what would it be?

JR: A:
I am going to give two.  First the times for tournament games. I have no idea why most people schedule games for only an hour. The games get so far behind. But it is tough to leave in case something crazy happens and a game ends quickly so you sit there all day and wait and wait.  And Paying to get into league games haven't they got enough money from the entry fee?


  RD: Q:    Fill in the blank. The biggest misconception about Jimmy Ray is ________?

    JR: A:
Maybe that I am cocky. I have no idea what people are thinking of me. I
am a shy person by nature and I could see where people could be confused and  think of me as cocky or stuck up.

  RD: Q:  Without using any Reds players give me a list of what would be Jimmy Rays all star team.

  This is tough because I do no know a whole lot of people. I live in
Carrollton and miss many games, but I will try and give some names. So to throw out some names at some positions that I am familiar with I would say, Brandon Black at 3rd, Jim Perry at P and my 2 outfielders would be Steve Shields and Billy Dennis.

RD: Q:  Who would you say is the most under rated player in the game today is? And why?

     JR: A:

Chris Baker. You hardly here his name mentioned and he can flat out play. He is a great hitter who can hit to all fields, has a rifle for an arm and can play outfield and infield. 

   RD: Q:  Who would you say will be the biggest Rival for Reds this year? 

      JR: A:
   Southern will be ready to play. I know Mark wants us bad.  I think
whoever we play is going to be a big game. It seems we are the team to beat so we have the bullseye on our chest. 

   RD: Q:  Jimmy  everybody who plays sports at a high level has a sports figure that they have chose to be theyre idol.  Do you have one and if so who is he/she?

     JR: A:
   My sports hero is Brett Favre. He plays the game the way it is
supposed to be played. He is a hell of a competitor and at the same time he is having fun and is a leader.

  RD: Q:  Give me your personal top 5 teams in the area in the "C" and "B" divisions.

      JR: A:
   I don't  know if I can name five teams. J Law , Trimex, NKY softball,
Southern. I am sure there are several teams you could put in that category.

  RD: Q:   Below is a list of parks. By using a 1-10 scale 1 being a dump and 10 being the field of dreams rate these parks and try to put some input into reasons for your ratings.

JR: A:
  Huddy Park 6 not bad but parking sucks especially the gravel I want to ride my bike
  Expressway Park 8 only  there a few times but from what I remember  one of best around.
  Rivershore 7 I like rivershore it is just so far out.
  Riverstar 7 I do not mind riverstar only been there twice
  Queen City never been there
   Rumpke 6 The area between fields is packed to closely needs to be some protection when you walk in. Someone is going to get hit with a ball
  Eggeslston never been there
  Kenton Lakes never been there
  Pastime Park never been there
  Township Taverns never been there

  RD: Q;  Which association of softball do you prefer, USSSA or ASA and why?

     JR: A:
   ASA,  I hate the 1 and 1 count of USSSA and all that faking bullcrap.

   RD: Q:  What are your expectations that you feel must be accomplished this year to say it has been a successful year this year for Reds? 

JR: A:
Have fun and be competitve. That is all you can ask for every year.

   RD: Q:  If your softball career was over tomorrow, how would you like people to remember Jimmy Ray as a player?

      JR: A:
   As someone who plays the way you are supposed to. I hustle, have a
good attitude, very competitive,  put the teams priorities first a head of mine and most of all I have fun. Heck this is just a game,  it is supposed to be fun.

  RD: Q:
Reds Boys have 14-15 talented players currently on the team.  With talent there comes egos. Its elementary math that states that only 12 players at the most can play in a single game without using substitutions. That means that someone has to sit. Now that usually isnt much of a problem with other teams, but with this team there is absolutely no players on this Reds Boys who arent stars in some aspect. Do you think this will become a problem?  Or has it been a problem yet?

     JR: A:
     I don't think it will be a problem. So far we have had trouble getting enough. Really

though there are several of us who work weird work schedules and will miss time to time so I don't see it as a problem. We also have a great group of guys who just want to win. Nobody likes to sit out and they shouldn't, that is part of being a competitor. But we will all take our turns and do what is best for the team.