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Lance Fossitt Interview
"Bash for Cash"
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Ray DeWorth: Q:    How long have you been an active participant in softball in this area?

Lance Fossitt: A: I started playing around 1994.

   RD: Q: List all of the teams you have played for or been apart of in the past? > This is your opportunity to mention any accomplishments you may have achieved
in your career.

LF: A:
Boat's Boys
Southern Rental

  RD: Q:      Last year you were part of the "B" powerhouse Southern Rental. As we
all know, that team is defunct now. The core of that team has left for Reds
Boys and Berardi's except you. You have now resurfaced with Trimex. Southern
Rental is trying to rebuild itself with what is leftover. Why did you choose
to leave? It seems that if you choose to stay along with Rick Dunaway(Trimex
coach) that there would still be a solid core left with Southern to do some
damage in 2003. Was there internal problems with Southern Rental?

LF: A: There were a few internal problems but nothing more than any team faces during a year I don't think. I decided to play for Trimex because of Clink who got me started playing competitive ball a few years ago. I still have many friends on Southern and you will still see me playing with them at times when Trimex isn't playing.

   RD: Q:   I want to congratulate you on being voted MVP of the team you threw
together to win the Bash for Cash. . That is a nice accomplishment to have
hanging on your wall. That team was a majority of Berardis. Did they get all
of the winnings or did it get split up with Classic Car Wash?

LF: A: If I gave out the awards I would have given our whole team the MVP award. We hit almost .700 as a team in that tourney. As far as the money, once we paid back the wash for the balls and entry fee we just split it up among us.

   RD: Q: Lance, it is no secret that you share a tight bond with 2002 player of
the year Jim Perry.  He has played a prominent role in bringing you along
with your game.   It must be nice to have a mentor the likes of Jim Perry. If
anyone has ever seen you hit the softball they know you can blast them with
the best. How much does Jim have to do with your development as a power

LF: A: I used to run up on the ball and hit it mostly to right and right center. I had no idea where the ball was going. Jim pitched to me a LOT to get me used to standing still and also helped me with some of my mechanics. He's done all he can now it's just up to me to swing at good pitches....which I seem to find hardest of all.

  RD: Q:   Do you ever feel you are in Jim Perry's shadow?

LF: A: No. Jim has played for some of the best teams on both sides of the river. Most people don't know who I am or who I play for.

   RD: Q: Tell us what is going on in the land of Trimex Trucking?  Who do you
guys have this year and what are the expectations?

LF: A: We have a mix of veteran players and some younger talent added in. We will have our share of teething problems along the way but if the younger guys can perform at the C and B level we should be fine come mid summer.

   RD: Q:   Rick Dunaway is the coach of Trimex trucking. You either love this guy
or you dont. He has somewhat of a controversial personality. You have played
for him in the past and you have chose to play for him once again in 2003. Do
you think these are fair assessments of Rick?

LF: A: Those that don't like Rick are mostly those that only know him from on the field. Rick tells you like it is and thats a rare thing nowadays in softball. His on the field tirades have also gotten better and don't distract his team like they once did.

   RD: Q:   Lance, there are not many people who have the sheer power that you have at the plate. You have been able to drop balls 35 feet beyond the fence for
somtime now with consistency. I could only imagine what you did with the
Ultra 2.  What is your opinion of bats of these capabilities. Its obvious you
dont need them to crush the ball but are you for or against these type of

LF: A: If they are going to leave the game the way it is I say ban them. If not there are 3 ideas that I think need to be discussed by the softball powers..
1. Play 11 in the field (that gives you one up the middle)
2. Move the fences back to 325 (if you cant hit it that far with a Miken give it up)
3. Move the pitcher's mound back (even the best can't react off the Miken)
  One more thing on the Miken. The teams that don't have them are at a disadvantage to the teams that do. It's that simple.

   RD: Q:   If you could change one thing about the game of softball what would it

LF: A: The time limit on league nights. I've seen/been in far too many 6th inning games where it was called due to time limit with only a couple runs difference. We pay high league fees, pay to get in the park only to be cut short on the time we get.

    RD: Q:    Give me in your opinion what you think are some good and some not so good thing about todays game of softball?

LF: A: Good things are competition, making new friends on the field, sponsors that are willing to play for this game we play.
Bad things are paying to get in parks, everyone thinking they are homerun hitters, and players that only worry about what free stuff they are getting.

  RD: Q:   Fill in the blank. The biggest misconception about Lance Fossitt is

LF: A: He won't travel!!

   RD: Q:    Without using any Trimex players give me a list of what would be Lance Fossitts all star team.

LF: A:
  1B - Casey Stewart
2B - Jimmy Roberts
SS - Rusty Scott
3B - Chad Johnson
P - Jim Perry
C - Jerry McGonegle
2 Outfielders - Kevin Hall, Steve Shields
AH - Jeff Young

  RD: Q: Who would you say is the most under rated player in the game today is?

LF: A: Jimmy Roberts - Some of the best hands in Nky and he hits in year in and year out. Steady as they come. Just don't listen to anything he says.

    RD: Q:   Who would you say will be the biggest Rival for Trimex this year?

LF: A: I guess Southern will be. Mark seems to want to beat all of us ex-Southern players. But it will be a friendly rivalry.

   RD: Q:    Lance everybody who plays sports at a high level has a sports figure
that they have chose to be theyre idol.  Do you have one and if so who is

LF: A: Rocky Marciano

   RD: Q:   Of all of the parks you have played at which ones would you say were
the best and the worst and why?

LF: A: Expressway was the best, the fields were in excellent shape.
Green Mountain - Do I really need to say why

   RD: Q:   If your softball career was over tomorrow, how would you like people
to remember Lance Fossitt as a player?

LF: A: I try to play hard no matter where I am playing or who I am playing for. So basically that he played hard at all times.

   RD: Q:    Give me your personal top 5 teams in the area in the "C" and "B"

LF: A:
1.Red's Boys
2.Nky Softball
3.Base Bandits

   RD: Q:    Finally Lance, alot of players got theyre softball careers started
at Green Mountain.  You have played theyre also and I think that is where you
started out also. If not correct me on this, but I know you have played your
share of innings there. Give me your best Green Mountain story?

LF: A: Well there was this one time that we played against guys in cowboy boots, and this one time they ran out of balls, and this one time they hadn't mowed the infields and this one time...........