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Shawn Donaghy Interview
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1. How long have you been participating in softball in the NKY/CInci area?
I have been playing softball in NKY / Cincy for about 6 years.  I really got into it by accident, I played ball for NKU however my unwillingness to go to class effected my eligibility.  At the time, it was quite a blow, but really in the end a better thing for my softball and even personal life as well.

2.  What other teams have you been associated with in the past?

I played for a Ohio D team called the Mudcats and another team called the Stomach Monkeys.  Neither were powerhouses to say the least, but it was a great time with some good freinds of mine and also nice to just really play for "fun".  I did play with the Nasty Boys one time, but as Joe Barnes will tell you, I did not do too well that day.  Most of my six years I played with the main core of Two N' Out when we were under different names.  We were DHL, Ravens, or whatever looked good on the board for the weekend.

3.  Shawn, your nickname is (Hollywood).   Where did you get this nickname from and what was the reason they gave you this nickname?

It was kind've an accident.  When I was younger and worked at the airport, I was always anxious to be in the spotlight (I suppose not much different from now) and happend to be at the right place at the wrong time.  To make a short story out of it, once I was busted an old freind of mine said, "Way to go Hollywood.  I need some glasses now becuase you've attracted the spotlight."  The name just stuck.

4.  This year is an odd year when it comes to "D" ball. Unlike other years, there seems to be no odds on favorite. Sure there are some good teams in "D", but I dont see anyone that just wows me.  Last year, you can say Hamiltons was that " team to beat" team in "D".  Also Team Bring it was more than solid and should be just as tough this year as Comegetsem/Silverleaf. But I think it is pretty even in "D" this year overall. Where would you put Two and Out in this mix?

I think that Two N' Out is there in the top five.  I really can't say top three, but deffinately top five.  We are a young team and that can help or hurt you sometimes.  When we are up, we have a ton of spirit, when we are down it is tough to get back up.  We have a few new additions that we added last year as well as a few this year that will take us where we need to go.  It is a matter of "gelling" to get used to the way we CAN play ball.  I think that we have all the right tools, it is just a matter of finding that moment to bring it together like the truly good "D"and "C" teams do.  I like to compare us to "Hamiltons" or even the "Nasties".  We are not stacked with superstars, in fact we have very few.  Our strength will be in the team playing together and everyone contributing in any way they can.  I like to use Brady from the Nasties as a good example.  People tend to discreadit him for not getting a lot of playing time, but they would not be the team they are without him on the bench.  His presence sets a level of confidence for his teammates and they perform better when he is there.  We have several players who in the past would have been everyday field players and have sacrificed so that the team would play at a higher level.  But we would never survive without those players in the dugout or around the team.

5. List me your own Top 5 preseason top 5 in "D".

1)  Silverleaf
2)  Tina's
3)  Dino's Sports Bar
4)  Two N' Out
5)  Lee Palmer Concrete

6.  I asked your coach a similar question, to what I am about to ask you.  I asked him if there was a  " internet rivalry"  beetween Two and Out and Ky Blue. He answered and said something to the likes of it started out as a friendly ribbing that started beetween a member of each team. He went on to say that other players on Two and Out didnt know that it was a ribbing beetween friends and took offense to it. It is all straightend out now, but was Hollywood one of the fellas from Two and Out who was squabbling with KY Blue. And if so are you over it or can you not wait to play them?

Yes.  Truthfully I was one of the members of Two N' Out who had a lot to say about Ky Blue.  Of course, unlike some other members of our team I know and have played with some of the guys on Ky Blue's team.  I did take some offense when there was some talk of taking out some players and possibly hurting them, but then foolishly I retaliated with the same comments making the issue worse.  I think that everyone is past that now but I cannot wait to play them as it should be a great game.
7.  If Ky Blue isnt your biggest rival who is?

For the team I would have to say Lee Palmers or even Ky Blue.  But personally it is Hamilton's.  We came so close so many times with them.  If there was a team to lose in the seventh to it was them.  I think Two N' Out earned their respect but there is unfinished business there.  We owe them a loss...and hopefully we will see them in some "C" touneys.  They have a powerhouse squad and I wish them the best of luck in "C".

8.  If you can describe the style of play Two and Out will put on the field in 2003 with one word what would it be?


   9.  Shawn without using any Two and Out players, fill in these positions with your opinion of who you think is best at these positions. This would be Hollywood's All Star team in "D".

1B  Lee Palmer
2B  Jimmy Gentry (Intensity)
SS  Daryl DeMoss
3B  Brian Zembrodt
P     All - Anyone with guts to stand on the hill because I know I couldn't.
C    Greg Liable (Catching for hitting purposes)
2Outfielders  Greg Laws / Chad Lubbe
AH  General Fernbach

I like this list but more of as a dream, as corny as it sounds I love to play with the team that I play with.  I think that top to bottom we have the ability to be an all star cast.

10.  Who do you think is the most under rated player in the game today?

Mike Sellet.  He is the total package.  He has tremendous speed, great average, power to all fields, insists on batting last in the lineup, and no one knows who he is.  He is without a shadow of a doubt, a quiet leader on the team and THE most underated player in NKY / Cincy "D".

  11. Answer the following. The biggest misconception about Shawn Donaghy is ________________?

That he plays cheap.

12.  What is your opinion on bats such as the Miken Ultra 2? Like it or hate it, and why?

If it truly meets the specifications that are guidelined by ASA and USSSA, then I have no problem with these bats.  Where I do have a problem is when I see them in co-ed games or league nights with teams who just come down once a week to have fun and do not play competitive.  It will take someone getting killed before someone takes real notice.  As long as the bats are LEGAL then I have no problem with them.  Personally I am not a big fan of the composite bats.

  13. Of all the parks that you have played at. Name the best and the worst and explain why?

I absolutely LOVE Expressway Park.  It is close to my house so I spend a lot of time there on league nights and tourneys.  It is by far the best kept fields.  I do not know too many places where at the beginning of the year, there are no dirt spots in the outfield.  They take excellent care of the facility and host great tourneys.

I am not a fan of Kenton Lakes.  Combined with the fact I have not had much success there, its location is not the greatest combined with the slopes in the outfield and the rough infield.  I would say it is a tie with Green Mountain, but I have fond memories there.

14.  In your opinion what are some of the good and not so good things about the state of today's game in competitive softball?

Even though I have become a part of it sometimes, I think instead of good rivalries, you have a lot of "mouth champions".  Doing a lot of talking and about things like who is going to hurt who and who is the worst player ever.  I have really tried to separate myself from that part of the game this year as I have seen the negative results it tends to have on players.  I just like to concentrate on my teamates.

Positively, I like the competitive edge that it offers to the every weekend players.  Especially for me.  I get very upset when we lose, and really it effects my whole weekend sometimes.  I like the way it comsumes your whole mind and heart for 1 hour at a time.

  15.  You have said that you are a flashy player on the field. Give an example of what you mean?

Well, I sometimes do this bat flip when I hit the ball and I LOVE the high socks (its the only way to wear the uniform).  I have always slapped my glove on my hip ever since I saw Davis doing it for the Reds.  I I know that I can be very opinionated at times and attract attention by my manerisims.  Mostly I just end up doing something when everyone just happens to be watching at that very moment and it stays associated with me.  Irish luck I guess.

  16.  You seem to be a vocal leader on the field. Is this assumption true?  Some people dont take well to constructive criticism, which sometimes a vocal leader has to display during games. How would you handle this?

I think that I am one of many leaders on the team.  It is tough for me not to be as it is in my nature to lead the ship.  I enjoy the fact that we have so many people that can and do fill that role because they pick me up as well.  I do have a tendancy to criticize sometimes but I try to reinforce it with positive feedback.  I play very emotionally and I let the game take me over.  Sometimes I let my heart think instead of my head and make baserunning errors or try to throw a guy out from the fence, and then I will turn around and say something to someone else on why they shouldn't do the same thing.  I sometimes do not take criticism well but I also know that there is a lot of knowledge of the game on our team and I value everyones advice.

  17.  This question is is relative to the prior question.  Some people say they can lead by example.  I am not a firm believer in this theory. This doesnt mean that it doesnt work. But if the ship is starting to sink, I just cant see " leading by example" as a tool to fire up your team, to save it from sinking.  Sometimes as a team leader, which I think you are, has to shake the foundation, so to speak.  What is your opinion of this? Do you lead by example or are you the first one to round the team up in a huddle and try and find a spark?

I think that sometimes I do both.  Interestingly enough, there are others on the team who usually ar thinking the same thing that I am so its becomes a strenght in numbers deal.  I have said my piece when the ship was sinking several times and thought later that maybe it was not the right thing to do but may have worked.  I am probably not the lead by example guy like Shawn Sproles is except for maybe when it comes to my hustle.  I tend to find uncoventional ways to get the team up like turning a single into a double or even on occation "letting up" on a fly ball to make a diving catch.  I like to take chances and I am not sure that others should be like that.  Many times I have been on the other end of the coin when attempting to find the spark.

18.   I read in your " in the dugout" column that you guys started out at Green Mountain. Many of players in today's game started out there. What is your most memorable moment at Green Mountain? By the way I loved your column. Thats how I came up with the assumption that you were a leader.

Probably not the most gracious moment, but we were young kids at the time just out of high school and we liked to run our mouths a lot (especially since we wern't winning a whole lot).  Well there was a team who had some older guys and they were getting on us pretty bad.  One thing led to another and a mini bench brawl insued.  Realizing that they may have the advantage it was time for us to make an exit.  Like I said, memorable to me - probably not the greatest day for softball.

19.   Its 20- 20. You are in the bottom of the 7th with two outs in the championship of a major tournament. You have no home runs. Now I know you have respect for everyone on your team and I am not  asking you to pick favorites. But beside yourself, who on your team would you want at the plate in this situation?

That's a good would be differnt based on the men on bases situation.  With a man on we automatically grab Matt Buford to run for whoever is on base as he is the fastest runner on the team, then I want Mike Sellet at the plate.  I can't reveal his strength but Two N' Out knows where he is going and it wins the game every time.  Now, no one on with two down I like my top three Newberry, Johnson, and Sproles.  You've got a powerhouse in the four hole with Gebelt so your good to go.  Even in the 6,7,8,9 with Schanding, Maggz, McDermott, and Doug B, you are solid.  I would pick any one, but time and time again, Mike Sellet has proven to be the one to rise above so ultimately I guess I would pick him. 

20. And finally Shawn, this is something that I offer to people that I interview, that I think could have something interesting to say. This is your moment to rant about anything that you would want the softball community to know about yourself or your team.  If you choose there is nothing more you can add, just simply say so but if there is something that you want to add to this interview, shoot away.

I would like to say something about Two N' Out.  For those who don't know us or have a misconception about our team, I invite you to a great game.  We have such a great group of players and people that even on our bad days I enjoy the company of great persons.  I feel privilaged to have been a part of this team and could not imagine playing for another squad.  I wish all the "D" teams the best of luck this year and to watch out for Two N' Out cause we are a solid contender!

Ray - thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your Q&A!  Thouroughly enjoyable!  Keep up the great work!

Shawn thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. If ya can get it back to me ASAP so I can get it posted ASAP, I would appreciate it.   Thanks.....Ray DeWorth