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Dave Killion Interview
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Ray Deworth: Q:  How long have you been an active participant in softball in this area?

Dave Killion: A:   About 23 years.

  RD: Q:  Tell me a little about yourself. What teams have you played for or been involved with in the past?

  DK: A:  
I've been playing
softball for about 23 years, ive had the pleasure of
playing with some good ball players such as Timmy
Thompson, Kevin Williamson, Jim Perry, Roger Dunn,
Johnny Steele, played with Tim Coco, etc.  Right now
i am  managing the NKY Silverbullets. I' ve been to the NSA
World Series about 10 times, best finish was 9th. I've
been involved with teams like E-Z Freight from
1981-1989.  We was State Champs 2 years. I was with NKY
Hitmen for 2 years. I had the pleasure to manage Roger
Dunn, Shane Caudill, Jimmy Gentry, Aaron Weidmann,
etc. then branched off from the original Hitmen to
Dave's Hitmen where i had the pleasure to manage Eli
Thompson, Matt Lay, my two Sons Eric and Brandon, etc.
and now im managing NKY SilverBullets.

  RD: Q:  This year your team is the NKY Silverbullets, which was Dave's Hitmen last year. Tell me what is the difference beetween these two teams. Are there new players or just a fresh start?

  DK: A: 
Just a fresh
start with new players. More heart on this team than
last year cause of experience. The Silverbullets are
young and inexperienced right now.  We find ways to
lose than win but that all in the learning experience.

  RD: Q:   Dave, your team has taken some heat on the message boards the last couple of years. Let me say that the majority of the negative posts left on the boards are by cowards hiding behind a fake name and to me are not worth mentioning. But what is it that has caused your teams to take such a blow on these boards?  This your chance to clean the air.

DK: A:
Well alot of the people that respond about our team
have never really seen us play nor have they ever
played against us. We moved into the upper division
last year with Dave's Hitmen so we could play against
the good teams and even though we took alot of ass
kickings I feel the learning experience was well worth
the talk on the net.  But also we earned a little
respect from some of the players and some of the teams
in that division. So people can say what they want we
dont really listen to it. Apparently if they are
talking about us whether negative or positive they
know who we are.

  RD: Q:  What is your expectations for the NKY Silverbullets this year?

  DK: A:
For this year to get our
team playing together so that we can compete in the
second half of the season.  Like i said we are young and
inexperienced and i think all new teams have to find a
way to deal with this eventually.

  RD: Q:  Who would you say is your biggest rival?

   DK: A:
Dino's Sports Cafe but its a friendly rivalry. Some
of the players on that team have been my friends
forever. Gold Star Chili which is now Pasquale's they
always run their mouth.

  RD: Q:  This is a fill in the blank question.    The biggest misconception about Dave Killion is____________?

  DK: A:
The Biggest Misconception about me is losing because
most of the people that judge me would have a
different opinion if they played for me. Maybe if some
of the people that ran their mouth had played for me
at one time there would be no misconception about
winning or losing.

   RD: Q:    Give me your top 5 in the "D" division.
   DK: A:
    1. Lee Palmer/Shakey's
    2.  Dino's Sports Cafe
    3. Two and Out
    4. Team Extreme
    5.  Pasqualies

   RD: Q:   Dave you have been around the league a long time.  What is some of your accomplishments that you have achieved throughout the years and which one stands out?

   DK: A:
The Two State Champions with E-Z
Freight when i was 18 and all the World Series
appearances we have made. But the one that stands out
the most is the 9th place finish in the NSA World
Series in the 90's.

  RD: Q:   If there was one thing you could change about the game of softball, what would it be?

  DK: A:
The no Home Run Limit in Class D.  Because i feel if
you can hit them they shouldnt take that part of the
game away from you and there has been times where we
could have won games cause someone had hit a home run
but they were outs.

  RD: Q:   In your opinion what are some good things and some not so good things about the state of softball today?

  DK: A:
The not so good things are that people should put
their game on the field and not over the net before
they are played, and some teams show no respect for
any teams they play, Softball should be a game of
respect and not a game of egotism. Some good things
are softball is available to be played by people that
sometimes never had a chance to play in high school,
college and pro it gives everybody a chance to play it
also allows the premier players to show their stuff
around the United States.

   RD: Q: A  Without using any of your players give me by position what would be Dave Killions all star team.

    DK: A:

1B   Roger Dunn
2B   John Steele
SS   Rusty Scott
3B   Brandon Black
P      Jim Perry
C     Bisquit ( Reds Boys)
2 Outfielders  Mike (get up off D'Z nuts) Cook, Josh Sullivan
AH           Hank Garris

  RD: Q:  By using the 1-10 scale with 1 bieng a dump and 10 bieng a field of dreams, go ahead and rate the following parks

DK: A:

Huddy Park                7
Expressway Park     8
Riverstar Park           5
Green Mountain       1
  Rivershore              7
  Rumpke                   8
  Kenton Lakes         2    Havent been there in a while though
  Eggelston                7
  Pastime Park          5
  Queen City              6

  RD: Q:   Who would you say is the most under rated player in the game today?

  DK: A: 
Timmy Thompson

  RD: Q:   Dave isnt it true that you have had some significant players which would be considered stars today, play for you in the past?  If so who are they and what happen to make them go elsewhere?

  DK: A:
Yes I have had some very significant players. Jim
Perry, Timmy Thompson, Kevin Williamson, Josh
Sullivan, Eli Thompson, Matt Lay, and most of them
played for teams before me. We are all friends and
they have their own teams thats the way its been since
we have been playing at any giving time.  During the year
you will see me playing with these players even today.
And by the way the list of big name players you dont
have enough room for me to list.

  RD: Q:   If you could use one word that describes the way the NKY Silverbullets play what would it be?

DK: A:
Even though we arent playing well my team plays with
spirit and  heart. Besides who said winning was
everything as long as their is 100% effort.  i have no
complaint because we arent getting paid to play.

   RD: Q:   What is your opinion on the equiptment being used today in the game of softball?  Are you for the Ultra 2 or against bats like these?

  DK: A: 
think the Ultra 2 is fine if the players use it in
the right way as long as its not used to go up the
middle intentionally to hurt someone.

   RD: Q:  Dave you have spent alot of your playing time at Green Mountain.  In recent years the competition hasnt been that strong there. If you were a first year team would you recommend playing there or would you say stay as far away from there as you can?  It seems you could sweep your leagues down there and go north where the competition is way stronger and you could look pretty bad. Is this a true assumption about Green Mountain?

DK: A:
First of all I  havent spent all my playing time at
Green Mountain.  And because of Jim Perry and a bunch of
other players that are now in the upper division and
some that are in the lower division I use to own Green
Mountain Leagues when they wasnt playing for Boat.  But
as far as Green Mountain goes it use to be a fine ball
park and now it is a dump and might be a 0 on your
1-10 scale. lol. But in Green Mountains defense
everyone that plays majors and down played at Green
Mountain lets not forget where we all started.

  RD: Q:  I know you have to have a good Green Mountain story. Give me your best one.

DK: A: Well, i had put a fresh team together of 16 year
old high school kids and we played Don Bolte's hand
picked team  which was probably below Class E and
after winning our season going 12-0 and beating his
hand picked team twice he told us that we couldnt play
in the league tourney because his team and the teams
at Green Mountain couldnt compete with an A ball Club
and i really had a team that really wouldnt have won
the D League. That was the best one of my entire
Softball Career. So watch out when i bring my 16 year
old team to the Shore and Huddy Park lmmfao.