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Bill Chard - Interview
"Bash for Cash"
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Ray DeWorth: Q:  How long have you been participating in the game of softball in the NKY/Cinci. area?

Bill Chard: A: This is my 15th year.

RD: Q: Who are some of the other teams that you have been associated with, whether it be as a coach or player , over the years?

BC: A: I started with Buffalo Bar/Covington Yellow Cab in 1988, moved on to the Hitmen in 1990 - 1996, in 1997 I went with ABC Supply/Easton, in 1998 Papa Wood AC(mostley former Hitmen). In 1999 I umpired and played with my work team at American Airlines. In 2000 I started back with Tina's then in 2001 we changed from Tina's to Rick's AC. 2002 Team Pack/Mizuno & now for 2003's

  RD: Q:   Bill, you are a major force, when it comes to softball in this area.  You have done more for the game than anyone I can remember has.  You were the first in this area,  to offer a forum ( that I know off) such as your website, for everyone to participate in.   And what you did with the Bash for Cash was just flat out incredible. For a tournament in mid March to have 60-80 teams is no easy accomplishment and you should be commended for this feat.  Do you have any future plans or goals that might relate to being a USSSA director or representative? I couldnt think of anyone better for such a position.

BC: A: In the near future I may seek a position of some type of USSSA director but for now I am content with running our team & the NKY website. I also am the new North region director for the new KYSA softball association started by John Meeks of, this association will launch in 2004.

RD: Q:   Bill , you are the coach of Angilo's/  Is it true that you guys have to play " B" this year?

BC: A: Yes, we are forced by the USSSA By-Laws to compete at the "B" level in 2003

RD: Q:   There is no secret that Angilo's can hit the ball. In my opinion I dont think there is another team that can hit with them. It seems everytime I see them play they are scoring 25-30 runs a game.  But it seems last year one of their liabilities is defensive play. I am not saying that they are bad defensively, but there is no secret that in the past they relied heavily on their offense. Is this a concern for you with teams such as Reds Boys and Base Bandits in Nky who can hit very well, but seem to rely heavily on great defensive play and team speed? 

BC: A: Actually our defense is better on a consistant basis than our offense.  Now we do lack team speed but make up for that with hussle, heart, & determination.

RD: Q: Again Bill, I want to say that I do not think Angilo's is a bad defensive team. But knowing the Nky teams like I do, I just know how they like to play defense and there are a couple teams who love to run, on the south side of the river.  I know you have added some pretty notable names to Angilo's in 2003. Who are they and do you think they will help defensively in 2003?

BC: A: Yes these pick-ups will help out tremendously. Scott Trame, known to our guys as "The Franchise" is as solid as anyone from NKY both offensively & defensively. I feel we have picked up the best defensive 1st baseman in NKY in Kevin Greene, & Chris Young is probably the most underated player in NKY. Our main concern right now is our health. Scott Trame has been diagnosed with a buldging disc in his neck & will have surgery in a couple of weeks, that will sideline him for about 2 months. He should be back by the 1st of July. Chris Young is coming off ACL surgery in the off season and is on schedule to be back in the full swing of things by the end of March.

RD: Q:   Bill, you have been around the game a longtime. What is Bill Chard's highlight of his career so far?

BC: A: Going to 3 World Tournaments & playing on the A/AA level in 1997 with ABC/Easton. We traveled all over the country that summer & made alot of friends from all over the Nation in softball.

RD: Q:   As you probably know, I have recently interviewed Brandon Black from J-Law Contracting.  Going into last year Team Pack, for whom you were the coach of, were looking pretty smoking hot and it seemed inevitable that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with in 2002. But as the year went on, things fizzled pretty badly for the Pack. By no means am I asking you to point fingers here, but with you being the coach of that team, I have to ask you, what happened?

BC: A: I feel I made the mistake of being to serious for those guys. They have tons of talent but they just were not ready for the serious side of the game. They have a great bunch of guys on that team & anyone who has to play them this year is in for a battle. I think JB (Jeff Bowman) will get these guys having fun again and playing very well.

RD: Q: Who would you say Angilo's biggest rival is going into 2003?
BC: A: Freeze

RD: Q:   I know NKYSOFTBALL.COM has the up to date rankings up. But this question is strictly for fun.  Without using Angilo's, give me Bill Chards top 5 list in NKy. (C and up divisions)

BC: A: 1. Reds Boys
2. J-Law
3. Base Bandits
4. Trimex trucking
5. Southern/Racers
RD: Q:    In the same vein of the last question.  Again without using any Angilo's players fill in the list of players below that fit as the best in your opinion at these positions. This would be Bill Chards All Star team in NKY.
BC: A:
1B - Ron Peters
2B - Jimmy Ray / Chad Dant
SS - John Slover
3B - Craig Johnson
P - Jim Perry
C - Rob Lindemann
2 Outfielders - Kevin Hall & Steve Shields
AH - Benny Fields

RD: Q: Who in your opinion is the most under rated player in the game of softball?

BC: A: Jimmy Ray - Red's Boys

RD: Q:   Fill in the blank of the question below.

         The biggest misconception about Bill Chard is_______?

BC: A: That I only do things for myself. I put this site up for everyone in NKY/Cincy to use and enjoy. I spend several hundred dollars per year out of my own pocket for this & I just do it for the love of the game.

RD: Q:   Bill this is a question,  if I have to say so myself, I have been anxious to ask you. For I feel with the knowledge of the game that you have that it would be interesting to read your response.
      If there was one thing that Bill Chard could change about the game of softball today, what would it be?

BC: A: The COST!  The price of softball has gone up so much the days of having that one sponsor to put up the money is just about obsolete. That's why you see less & less teams, they keep merging their monies so they can compete.

  RD: Q: Name some good things and some not so good things about today's game?

BC: A: I still have fun & enjoy being at the ball park. As far as the bad: Bats, Balls, umpires, facilities, entry fees, the game is not headed in the right direction, hopefully somewhere a director gets some rules changed and bring back the game we all used to play.

RD: Q:    Bill, I have been asking everybody this question. The reason I ask this question is that to me, this is the direction that softball is headed for in the future.  The Bash for Cash was fun but if that is the way today's game is headed, then I dont really want to have nothing to do with it. It seems all you seen was 350 foot home runs with every other batter. I know players are in better shape and are stronger than a few years back, but it is the bats that are changing the game. The equiptment today is doing the playing for the players. To me that takes away from the game. But what is your opinion on bats such as the Miken Ultra 2? Like it or hate it?

BC: A: Love to use it but it is ridiculous. When guys like Shane Caudill(No offense Shane) start hitting balls into the trees at Huddy something needs to be done. The lower compression ball that ASA & all of the Cincy private parks have adopted this season is a quick & cheap fix, but I would rather hit a rock with a Bombat than hit a sock with an Ultra!

RD: Q: I usually ask the question of what are the best and worst parks that you have played in in this area. But being that you are  highly known , I will just ask what park that you have played at
do you think is the best and why?

BC: A: Expressway is the best by far in the area. The best I have ever played at would be Happy Valley in Hutchinson, KS & I don't remember the name but a park down in Alabama. For the reason, walk into those parks & you will agree instantly.

RD: Q:   If you could use one word describing the way Angilos play the game of softball, what would it be?


RD: Q:    Do you think there is much of a difference in competition so to speak from Ohio teams compared to Kentucky. If there are some differentials in your opinion, what would they be?  I guess the question I am asking is which side of the river in your opinion has the tougher teams?

BC: A: Ohio in the upper levels, there are just so many more teams over there, In the lower levels Ohio has some terrific teams but I would give the edge to the KY guys on the "C" & below levels.

RD: Q:   There is something I noticed last week in the Bash about your guys in Angilo's.  They are some pretty talented umpires!
    I was amazed on how they called the game accurately and they all acted like they had done this before.  Are you going to hire these guys out to umpire around the league? LOL!!   God knows some parks around here need them.

BC: A: You thought they were good? I kept hearing about how they SUCKED! LOL! They did a terrific job and did it with out the benefit of getting many breaks for 12 consecutive games per field. Next year though we are going to hire the umps outright & make the tourney a 3 division tourney to help make it a bit more competitve.