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Casey Stewart Interview
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This weeks interview is with Reds Boys hitman Casey Stewart. Casey worked with the questions nicely and it proved to be a worthwhile interview. The door is open fellas for some more interviews so email me at and lets get it on. Thanks and Enjoy

RD: How long have you been involved in Nky softball? 
   CS:  I started when I was 18 with a small team called News Boys. I've played competitive since about 1996 . 

RD: You left Southern Rental to join Reds Boys. Who else have you played for in the past?

  CS:I started with AQW in 1996 and won the NSA "B" state and world with them in 1997 . I played about half of a season with No. Ky. Knights and another with the Storm . The past 2 years was with Southern Rental .

RD: Casey, a handful of talent left Southern Rental to join Reds team in 2003.  They are defending "B" state champions. This is just one of their many accomplisments in the last two years. My question is. Why would you want to leave them? Was they're internal problems? 

  CS:Good question ! I wish Southern could have stayed together , but a good core of our team was going with Reds and 2 players went to Berardis . I think we are going to take a shot at some "A" tourn.  and that was what I want to try . I did hate leaving some of my good friends though .

RD: Expectations are running high for you guys this year.  Sometimes just reading your guys roster, makes me wonder how you guys would ever lose. It is absolutely star studded.  How will you guys handle the pressure knowing you will be a big favorite in this area in every tournament you play in? I mean if you lose a game it will be a big deal. Thats a lot of pressure. How do you deal with it?

  CS: I never like to lose , but I also know that it is going to happen . No. Ky. softball should be very competitive this year and that's what I play for .

RD:  Speaking of all of the talent you have, you have 14-15 players on your team.  With talent there comes egos. Its elementary math that states that only 12 players at the most can play in a single game without using substitutions. That means that someone has to sit. Now that usually isnt much of a problem with other teams, but with this team there is absolutely no players on this Reds Boys who arent stars in some aspect. Do you think this will become a problem? 

  CS: I can only say I hope not . I don't think Ronnie is playing now and we have 4 or 5 guys working swing shifts so I hope it will work out.

RD:  Casey,  you have many accomplishments in this game. You have two "B" state titles ( ASA,NSA) and a World Championship(NSA) under your belt. Other than the love of the game, what drives you to continue at this level. Does Casey Stewart have a goal he hasn't already accomplished?

  CS: I could leave knowing my career hasn't been a failure , but I always play for another shot at a state and world .

  Without using any of your team mates. Give me Casey Stewarts all star team at these positions.

Casey's picks are as followed.
1B Jerry McGonegle
2B Jason Brown
SS Chad Johnson
3B Steve Klute
P    Jim Perry
C    Lance Fossitt - if he would travel !
2 OUTFIELDERS Kevin Hall , DeWayne Webb
AH Brandon Black

RD:   Having watch you play before, I know that you have no problem dropping a softball 30 feet beyond the fence. You have been doing it for some time now. You were doing it long before Mikens were available.  So other than the nice " eye candy" a 375 foot home run looks like, do you think theyre is a place in the game for these type of bats? Do you like the Ultra 2? 

  CS: I would like them if you could only use them in a home-run derby . Other than that  , I think the bats were hot enough already . I don't like the fact that people will still use them to hit the middle .

RD:  If theyre was one thing you would change about softball, what would it be? 

  CS:10 run rule . Too much hitting can happen in 1 inning . But also you have to have something or some games would never end .

RD:  Give me some good things and some not so good things about today's game? 

   CS: Good - competition ... you have great teams and players at every level . Bad - bats or fences ... bats are too hot or the fences are too close .

RD:   This is a fill in the blank question.  The biggest misconception that people have about Casey Stewart is______? 

   CS:That I am a smart-ass . Well , I am , but if you know me, then  you know its all in fun and jokes.

RD:  This is somewhat a fun question to ask. Casey almost everybody that plays sports competitively has a sports hero. Having played the game myself, mine was George Brett.  Who would you say yours is.
   CS:  Pete Rose or Mark McGwire .

RD: As far as rivalries go, I know this is Reds first year but if you had to say who your rival is, who would you say it would be?
   CS: I dont know yet . I would say that my boys from Southern  are wanting to put it in us though, esp. Mark Ashcraft. Hopefully it will all be in good clean fun though !

RD: Of all of the parks you have played at. Which one would you say is the best and which one would you say is the worst? And why?
   CS: Best - Freedom Park in Valdosta , Ga. - the cleanest park I've ever been to and great playing conditions . Worst - Green   Mountain. If you been there you know why.

RD:  If you had to use one word that would describe the way Reds Boys play, what would it be?  

  CS: Hard!
RD:  In your opinion who do you think is the most under rated player in the game today? 
  CS: Jerry McGonegle - he hits year in and year out .

RD: When your last swing has been swung or your last inning has been played, how would you like to be remembered ?
   CS:Since I've played with alot of sucessful teams  , I hope to be known as a winner . I never have thought of myself as a star , but I hope to be remembered as a contributer and competitor .

RD:  There is no way to find out for it would be impossible. But just for fun, if Reds Boys played the 2002 "B" state Champs Southern Rental who would win? 

   CS: Too many of the same players to say . If we can win a state  this year, we'll call it a tie

  RD:   Are the Reds Boys playing "A' or "B" this year?
  CS:As far as I know we are going to play both . I would like a shot at "A" , but I guess it will depend on how we are playing at the end of the year . 

  RD:  Okay this is the question that seems to keep popping up when someone speaks of Reds Boys is that they wont stay together longer than a year, even if that.  The assumption is there is too much talent and egos will clash. What is your take on this assumption? 

  CS: That is a very understandable assumption ! For this team to make it each one of us will have to forget about our egos . We have as much talent as anybody , but we are going to have to gel to get to the level we are capable of . If that happens this team can do alot of great things and get some big wins this year . Only time will tell !!