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"Bash for Cash"
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Attention all Northern KY Teams.
You must submit your roster to the NKY
Sanctioning Committee no later than Jan 10th.

If you have four or more players that played at a higher level in 2004
and you want to play at the lower class in 2005, you must submit your
roster and appeal in writing to the committee as well by Jan 10th.
There are 10 committee members for 2005 with it being overseen by
Mark Linnemann. If you are forced to play at a higher level by the
committee, you may submit an appeal and the committee will meet again.
A representative from the forced up team may appear before the committee to
plead their case and it will be voted on again. This year's committee is made up of 6 manager/player team rep's and 3 park directors.

If you are a brand new team you still must submit your Roster.

If your team does not submit their roster you may be forced up
when the season starts until your team can be reviewd by the sanctioning
committee, this goes for all NKY teams.
Thank You,  Mark Linnemann

On your roster, please include the Player's name & who they  played for in 2004.
You may comment on any or all of your players in the comments section.

Team Name for 2005
Team Name in 2004
Manager's Name
Phone Contact
E-Mail Address
Desired Class for 2005