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Home Run Derby

"Bash for Cash"
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Come See Softball's Best!
Brett Helmer, Tim Cocco, Jeff Wallace, & Scotty King
They will hit in an exhibition at the HR Derby on March 11th at Riverstar Sportsplex.
FREE Admission, $1.00 Draft Beers, $0.25 Chicken Wings

Open HR Derby

  • When: March 11th
  • Where: Riverstar Park
  • Registration: 5:30 - 7:30 (You may pre-register & pay online)
  • Derby Time: 7:30
  • Entry Fee: $10.00
  • Balls: Supplied
  • Bats: Any bat is legal for the derby
  • Pitcher: You supply
  • Format: In round #1 you get 8 swings or 10 pitches which ever comes first, NO WARM UP pitches or swings, there are four other fields if you need to warm up. Top 5 advance to the finals, in the finals you get 5 outs, any thiong not hit over the HR fence in fair ground is an out. In case of a tie, we will use a sudden death format, each hitter will hit once until the other person does not hit a HR.
  • Awards: 1st place gets a Worth Package (Bat, Bat Bag, Fielder's Glove, Batting Gloves, Wrist Bands), 2nd Place gets a bat, all finalist receive a T-Shirt. Longest HR receives a bat, with a minimum distance of 400'
  • $1.00 Draft Beers
  • $0.25 Chicken Wings

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