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We have reached the midpoint of the 2003 season and the cream is finally rising to the top.  With the exception of Reds Boys (and the are beginning
to heat up) most teams are meeting or exceeding expectations.

1.Base Bandits-NIT win and overall consitent play make these guys #1 at midseason,  best chance for NKY to bring home a world title.  Will be a nice addition to the B class next season.'s-Have already exceeded expectations in most observers eyes, but have cooled off as of late.  Scott Trame's return has been eventful so far, but look for solid contributions by august 1.

3.Robke/Reds/Tps-Heating up as of late, Red may be onto something with the 24 man rotation.  Nice showing at the B&C tourney as well as heartbreaking finish in Burkesville.

4.J-Law Contracting-Still playing well against stiff competition, but always seem to run into the Base Bandits to ruin the party.  Rumors of Kevin Hall getting paid next season beginning to surface.  Jason Brown could be the most underrated player in the area.

5.Southern Softball/Racer's-This team is painful to watch, Big offense and 0 defense.  They must score thirty runs to win.  Most of their highlights are coming on league night.  Dewayne Webb is beginning to show "Player of the Year" type play.

6.Nasty Boys/Worth-Quiet month and the 0-2's are beginning to add up for Barnes and CO., look for major changes.

7.Tina's-Nothing of note other than award for Best C team disguised as a D team.

8.Hamilton's-Still showing up, still getting beat, but applause is deserved for not crying to move back down.

9.Come Gets em-Clearly the class of D thus far in NKY.  Some advice for free:  ACT LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE, YOU ARE WINNING D TOURNAMENTS.

10.Dino's-Slowed down lately, but still formidable in D, tons of experience.
10.Shakey's-Underachieving all season, may start to get serious and roll over competition in D.

Midseason All NKY

1b-Casey Stewart, Reds-underrated defensive skills
2b-Jason Kraemer, J-Law-.727 average and nice glove.
ss-Brandon Johnson, NKYSoftball-Cant ignore his stick, but average range and
glove in the 6 hole.
3b-Craig Johnson, NKYSoftball-ugliest swing in the game, but always finds a
hole.  Plays aggressive on the corner.
MI-Jason Brown, J-Law-Never an easy out, smooth on D.
OF-Kevin Hall, J-Law-A little off from last season, but still man among
OF-Dewayne Webb,Southern-All the tools and starting to produce.
OF-Brian Sandlin, Reds-Hitting the ball more consistently than in years past
and still plays solid if not spectacular defense
OF-Billy Dennis, Reds-Best lefty in NKY, trimmed down and flies on the
C-Lance Fossitt, Reds-Hits it as hard as anybody and drives in runs.
P-Andy Isles, Base Bandits-Best in the area on the glove side, works the
umps to his favor.
Util-Benny Fields, Nasty Boys/Reds-Can play anywhere, but not having the
season of last.

Larry Kerns Base Bandits
Steve Klute J-Law
Rusty Scott Reds
Jimmy Roberts Reds
Matt Mason J-Law
Kevin Greene NKYSoftball
Rob Lindeman  J-Law
Andy Dalton Southern
Randy Hamilton Hamilton's
Mike Cook Reds
Jerry Mcgonegal Southern

Midseason Awards
Biggest Disappointment:John Slover
Comeback Player:Billy Dennis
Player of the Half:Andy Isles-MVP on the most successful team in the area





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