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Team - Team Pack/Mizuno
Manager - Bill Chard
2001 Record - 82 wins & 34 losses

2001 Tournament Finishes:
1st USSSA D sposorship - RiverShore
1st USSSA C sponsorship - RiverShore
1st RiverShore USSSA D Qualifier
1st Huddy USSSA D Qualifier
1st Huddy USSSA D Qualifier
2nd Rivershore USSSA D Qualifier
5th WASA D World
1st USSSA D NIT Ft. Knox
2nd USSSA D State
35th USSSA D Nationals
65th USSSA D World

Key Players:
Brandon Black .704 35 HR's
Kevin Hall .745 65 HR's
Rob Lindemann .634 54 HR's

2002 Additions:
Bill Chard (Rick's AC)
Timmy Hubbard (Base Bandits)
Rob Lindemann (Storm)
Jeff Bowman (Storm)
Danny Botkin (Bleachers)

2002 Losses:
Ryan Hill (Team Unknown)
Jim Setters (Ft Mitchell Sports Bar)
Tim Schrieber (Retired)
Jeremy Meade (Unknown)
Kevin Mast (Retired)
Jerry Willis (ISOC.NET)
                                                                        Terry Schumacher (Retired)
Jeff Sargeant (Loreal USA)

Team Strengths:
Young and very athletic group of players with a mix of veteran leadership. All OF's have well above average arms, and we have more than enough power to compete at the C level.

Team Weakness:
Inexperience with some of our younger players. Adam Maley will have to learn how to pitch very quickly for Team pack to be successful at the C level.

Manager Comments:
We may go through some growing pains early in the season but we feel that on any given weekend we will be right there with the other C powers for a chance at the tournament title. Once this team grows up a little, I have no doubt we can contend for a state title. Our goals for this year will be to win as much as possible & finish in the top 3 of everything we play in & of course qualify for the world tournament in Euless, TX.

Team Name: D R Trucking / Worth
Manager: Doug Roberts
2001 Record: New Team
2001 Tournaments: N/A
Key Players: They are all key players or they would not be playing fot this team.
2002 Additions:
Brandon Lightner(Trimex)
Gary Harmon(Trimex)
Roger Scott (Retirement)
2002 Losses: None
Team Strengths: If we play like a team we will be in the hunt.
Team Weakness: If we all can play with out attitudes we should be able to hold our own. 
Manager's Comments: This should be a good year for us. we will play a very brutal B/C schedule. We may see some growing pains early with young players getting used to the "B" game. We will also play Tuesday Night "B" at Eggleston Park & will also play a tough "B" tournament schedule.

Team Name: NKY Lightning/CGB/Mizuno
Manager: Terry Evans
2001 Record: 55 - 29
2001 Tournaments: 2nd Huddy Park Qualifier, 1st  Eggleston Park Qualifier, 2nd Queen City Qualifier, 3rd Huddy Park Qualifier, 7th KY "D" State, 25th "D" Nationals
Key Players: Everybody
2002 Additions:
Chris Aylor(A-1 Storage)
Manager's Comments: Plenty of Experience. A full year of playing together.

Team - Nasty Boys/Worth
Manager - Joe Barnes
2001 Record - 81 wins & 41 losses

2001 Tournament Finishes:
1st March of Dimes - Twnshp
1st USSSA C Qualifier - Huddy
1st USSSA C Worth/Bud-Light Qualifier
3rd USSSA C NIT Rivershore
1st USSSA C Qualifier - Kolping
2nd USSSA C NIT Expressway
8th USSSA C NIT Ft Knox
5th USSSA B NIT Eggleston
5th ASA B Triple Crown NIT Rumpke
2nd USSSA C State
5th USSSA C Nationals
33rd USSSA C World

Key Players:
Tony Billings .662
Keith McCoy .648
Bennie Fields 238 HR's
Lonnie Turner 135 HR's
Jeff Johnson .607
Todd Walpole 2001 Rookie of the Year

2002 Additions:
Jeramiah Yocum, Joey Zimmerman,
Keith Hightchew, Dennis Baker

2002 Losses:
Jimmy Loveless

Team Strengths:
A very good lineup packed with tremendous speed & very good power. We also have a sound defense & the fastest OF I have ever had. A very deep bench with players who would start for most teams in "C".

Team Weakness:
We will miss Todd Walpole's glove at short he maybe the best shortstop in NKY.

Manager's Comments:
I am very excited to get the season underway, I feel this is the best team I have ever fielded even with Todd out until mid-summer.

Team Name: Southern Rental/Trimex/Easton
Manager: Mark Clinkenbeard
2001 Record: New Team

2001 Tournaments: N/A

Key Players: They are all key players or I wouldn't have them.

2002 Additions:
Jim Perry (Freeze)
Rusty Scott (Storm)
Junior Fortner (Storm)
Steve Shields (Trimex)
Rick Dunaway (Trimex)

2002 Losses: None

Team Strengths: Should score a lot of runs. Infield should be as good as any in the area, both with the bat & the glove. Team chemistry & the desire to win as a team.

Team Weakness: Youth at this level in the outfield. Need to prove that we will be able to hit singles when we need them. Coaching, I've been out of the softball loop for a couple of years. Hopefully I will not cost us to many games this year before I get my bearings straight.

Manager's comments: This should be a very good year for us. We will play a very brutal A/B schedule. We may see some growing pains early with younger players getting used to the "A" game. We will play Tuesday Nights at RiverShore & Thursday nights at Huddy. Schedule right now has no USSSA tournaments on it. Our main goal this year is to qualify for the ASA "A" world in Jacksonville, FL on Labor Day weekend. Having players that have won at this level should help us to that i.e., Jim Perry, Jimmy Roberts, Jimmy Ray, Casey Stewart, Lance Fossitt, Junior Fortner, & Jeff Young to name a few. I am really excited to be able to watch some very good young playersthis year. Rusty Scott & Dewayne Webb should have very good years. They both have incredible bat speed and will hit ASA/NSA pitching very well. Kevin Rassman is developing into one of the better outfielders that I have had on a team. Steve Shields, Rick Dunaway, Jerry McGonagle, Mark Ashcraft, & Rodney Sullivan round out a very solid roster.

Dave's Hitmen/Northern Ky
Manager: Dave Killion
Asst. Manager: Dave Welte Jr.
2001 Tournaments :  Team wasnt fully together
until Fall League at Huddy Park. Where we went
Key Players : Elijah Thompson (2b), Brent Sullivan (ss),
Josh Sullivan (lf), Brandon Killion (lcf), Darryl Kessnick (3b),
Also some very fine ball players that need a little experience to
be great ball players.
New Additions : Darryl Kessnick (Ky Chiropractic), Andy Bryant,
Alan Coleman (Poly One Pirates), Alan Booth (Chin)  (Poly One
Team Losses: none
Team Strengths: Our Infield should be able to compete with anyone's in any class. Spear headed by  Elijah Thompson and Brent Sullivan we have range and skill to take away the hits that would normally find the hole. Also Doubleplays come easy for these tw phenoms. Alson with added experience of Darryl Kessnick and up and coming Eric Killion the Hitmen's infield could be spectacular by the mid-season.  The Outfield is spear headed by the second year players Josh Sullivan, Brandon Killion and Chad Nye. It's the kind of speed and ability that every team dreams of. And with the addition of Alan Booth from Poly One the outfield will be strong.  The bench is strong with experience and youth.  Alan Coleman brigns power to the line up.  With a little experience and patience could be a key member to the Hitmen. Has to have more experience at pitching to contribute.  David Killion brings 24 years of softball experience to his team. His managing and ah'ing will have to keep this young team in check.  Brandon Seymour, Andy Bryant and Mike Snowden with a little experience will be fine ball players.  Brian Williamson showed last year he could pitch with the best of them leading the Hitmen to a 5-3 record in the fall league. With a big win over the Scooby Snacks in 5 innings.  Alan Coleman and David Killion will be the back ups if Williamson gets into trouble. The desire to win and the ability to compete with anyone will make the Hitmen one tough team to beat.
Team Weaknesses: Some players  are in-experienced
Manager Comments:  The Hitmen will compete with the teams in Class D.  The factors of youth and inexperience will play a big part in out developementand how we finish the close games.  I believe that with players like Brent Sullivan, Josh Sullivan, Eric Killion, Brandon Killion and Elijah Thompson on the youth side and David Killion, Brian Williamson, Dave Welte Jr, and Darryl Kessnick on the experienced side, this team will overcome the growing pains and compete for a berth in the World Series.  Let the teams say what they will but you will know who the Hitmen are at the end of the year.