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Andy Iles Interview
"Bash for Cash"
2004 NKY Stats Leaders
2004 NKY Rankings
2005 Area Rosters
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2004 All-NKY Team
2003 All-NKY Team
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1. How long have you been an active participant in softball in the NKY/Cinci area?
Andy Iles:
22 years( I know, I'm old)

2. Other than the Base Bandits, who are some other teams you have played for or been associated with throughout your career?

AI:  I had my own team for about 10 years 87 to 97 (Airwaves Music Service) Trimex,Goodtimers

3. Andy, you are the best U-trip pitcher in the game in this area. What have you done to be so dominate. I mean this isnt baseball you pitch it slow but I have heard from more than my share of top notch talent that they cant hit you. What is it? Is there a secret to Andy Illes success?
It's a combination of things I guess. I try to find a players weakness( if he is a guy that likes to swing at the first pitch,I will make sure he swings at my pitch not a ball right down the middle of the plate) I also play with some very smart players (Donnie and Stevie) and they know what alot of pitches players like to swing at.So I listen to my team mates sometimes. And of course I try to work the umpire.

4. Straight to the point here my friend. Are the Base Bandits the same team without you?
I've heard that but I don't get into that stuff. We play as a team and I am just part of it.

5. The reason I asked the last question is because I have heard around the grapevine that this could be your last season. Is this just rumor or is there any truth to this. If not how long to you plan to keep fielding the seeds?
Well I have been trying to retire for a few years now but I just can't walk away yet. It's hard to walk away from a great group of guys. I enjoy playing with the bandits because we have alot of fun and we make very few personel changes from year to year. But it is getting near. I just play it year to year.

6. Andy it seems you are hurting a little bit. You have a hamstring problem you have dealt with all year. Do the Bandits have another pitcher that can help out if you go down other than Chris Garnett, who is known as an ASA pitcher? I mean do they have another U-trip pitcher on the roster?
Trust me Chris Garnett is more than just a ASA pitcher. He may not do all the fancy stuff but he can still pitch U-TRIP. He's also good at working the umps. We also have Brian Penick just in case the old guys can't go.

7. Andy you was supposed to have Larry Moore for the 03 season. It seems that if he played with you guys he would be playing a prominent role with the club now that you are hurting, for he is a pretty solid U-trip pitcher. What happened there? The rumors is he kinda just bailed without any reason. Is this true and what is your take on it?
I'm really not sure what happened? Larry was my ticket to retirement. It was my call to pick up another pitcher so I wouldn't have to play every weekend. Also with me being injured all year it would have been nice to have him. I know he has a very demanding job so maybe thats what it was? I still like him though.

8. Who would you say is the Base Bandits biggest rival and why?
Probably the Nasty boys over the last few years.

9. Below are a list of topics I will ask you to answer with members of the 2003 Base Bandits. Just put the Base Bandit next to each topic that would best fit. You cant use yourself on any answer.

Team Clown = Kevin Larison
Best Hair = Steve Dinsor
Worst Hair = Jim Hartfiel
Leader by example = Donnie Hankinson and Steve Dinsor
Vocal Leader = Chris Garnett
Clutch hitter = Brian Penick(Bub)
player most likely to be ejected from a game = Well me of course
player with most hustle = Jim Hartfiel and Donnie Hankinson
most under rated Base Bandit = Brian Penick
Andy Iles 2003 Base Bandit MVP = Donnie Hankinson

10. Another question from rumorville. Will Mike Cook be in center field for the Base Bandits in 2004?
I hope its not a rumor. Playing "B" next year we could use him. I would love to have him on our team.

11. Below are a list of positions. Next to each one I am going to ask you to put the player that best fits as the best player at that position in your opinion. This would be Andy Illes 2003 all star team. Remember you cannott use any Base Bandits.
1B = Lonnie Turner
2B = Rusty Scot
SS = Brian Maley
3B = Craig Johnson
P = Jody Ford
C = Kevin Hall
Middle infielder = Jason Brown
AH = George Faris
2 Outfielders = Brian Sandlin, Mike Cook
Coach = Joe Barnes

12. Who would you say is the most under rated player in the game of softball today?
He didn't make my all star team but he can hit with anyone : Steve Klutte

13. Andy go ahead and give me your top 5 in the area all divisions included.

1.Freeze 2. Reds Boys

14. Below are a list of softball parks in the area. Next to each one give it a rating from 1-10 and give us a reason you give themthis rating.

Huddy Park = 6 LOCATION

Riverstar = 3 RAN VERY POORLY




Queen City = 4 NO SHADE,


15. 5 teams in the Ky C state. That is pathetic. In your best opinion what do you think has contributed to this embarrassment. Is it the state of the game? If so what would you do if you were elected commisioner of the league. How would you save softball, or can it be saved?
Good answer....Pathetic is right. The cost of the game is one problem. The way things are run doesn't help either. There were 7 teams in the 35 and older state and it was a 2 day tourney. That was very confusing?Should have been a one day. I think  more and more players are concentrating on their families than in the past. Twenty years ago we didn't play golf,soccer, hockey,ETC.... So we are not restocking the game like we use too. So I believe softball is in more trouble than we even know. Also there are to many sanctions USSSA,ASA,NSA,USA,CO-ED,etc.....There are not enough people to go around for all of these sanctions.

16. Below are a list of names relevant to your self and the game of softball. Next to each one give one word that best describes each topic.

Base Bandits = TEAM
Synergy = NO MIKEN
Paradise Sports = LOVE UM
Kevin Larison = FAST
Playin' Dirty = FUN
Jeff Young = GOOD PLAYER
Larry Moore = STUD
Aqua Sox = FRIENDS
Jim Hartfiel = GAMER

17. What is your most embarrasing moment while playing the game of softball throughout your career?
My second year of softball I struck out swinging to end the game and the season. If I get a hit we win the league tourney cause we were only down one run with two guys on.

18. This is a fill in the blank question.
The biggest misconception about Andy Iles is ________?     
    AI:.....he makes a mockery of the game? Some people take offense when I throw the ball under my legs or whatever else I do goofy on the mound. I'm just trying to get people out. I feel if you you don't like it, hit the middle and lets see what happens.(I guess that makes me cocky too.)

19. Andy if you retired tomorrow how would you want people to remember Andy Iles?
AI:    That he was a team player who loved playing the game.

20. What is your teams expectations in Worlds this year. It seems there is a lot on your shoulders for people are expecting the Bandits to make big noise this year in the 2003 Worlds Tournament?
AI:   I just want to represent our area well. If we play hard and get a few breaks here and there, I believe we will do well. You have to have a little luck in this game sometimes to do well in any tourney.