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Jimmy Romito Interview
"Bash for Cash"
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1. How long have you been associated with the game of softball in the NKY area?

Jim Romito A:

     I have been playing softball since I was about 15 years old.  I started as a fill-in
on my brother's team and then eventually became a regular.


   2.  Who are some of the other teams you have played for or been associated with in the past?

JR: A:

 Contrary to popular belief I pride myself on being loyal to my team so I have not played with many.  I started out on Arlinghaus Builders (D Team) back when they were good.  Then I played 'C' on Urbs Garage.  When that team broke up
I stayed with Bill Brinkman and played on Special K's.  

  3.   Jim, as one of the coaches for Shakey's, what are your expectations for the 2003 squad?

JR: A:

     Well coming from a team that did not win all of that often, and in my opinion majorly underachieved, I want to win.  Early in the year we are still trying to gel as a team.  By June and July I expect to be a dominant team.  We will qualify for state, nationals and world.I also want to embarrass every team that has called us overrated so far this year. 

  4.   Jim I have recently watched Shakey's play. And let me say that you guys have a real nice team. I have you picked #1 in my current poll in D.  But to be perfectly honest with you, it is my opinion, with some of the personnel you have that you are a "C" team.   Are there any plans to play C this year and if not why?
JR: A:

No, we have no plans to play 'C'.  The reason we do not play 'C' is because we
have more fun playing 'D'.  The upper divisions turn too serious and into Homerun derbys.  We are having fun where we are and do not plan on moving up.  So, I will apologize now to all of the other 'D' teams for beating the crap out of your teams all year long. 

  5.  Who would you say will be Shakey's biggest rival in 2003?
JR: A:
Our biggest rival is Come Gets 'em .  They are our rival because they know all of
us and we know all of them.  Also, there were a few of them that were    supposed to play with us this year but chose not too.  Also, they are probably the only other team that could compete with us when it comes to drinking.

  6.   Jim you said that you are one of the coaches for Shakeys. Are you the actual coach or do you share this title with someone?

JR: A:

 I share the title with Chris Fogt.  Chris and I make decisions on personnel and game issues.  We also get other people on our team involved in certain decisions
so that no one can complain when a decision is made. 

7.  Being one of the coaches, describe yourself for those reading, on what type of coach you say fits Jim Romito best. Are you a vocal coach or a quiet leader.

JR: A:

 I am not the type of person to yell at another player.  I will however, voice my opinion very loudly when we are playing if I think we are playing laxidazically or not up to our potential. 

  8.  What do you expect out of your players each and every game?  What are some of the things that you as a coach will not tolerate?

JR: A:

   I expect them to be there each week.  I expect them to perform to their potential almost every week.  I expect them to drink at least 5 beers. And lastly, I expect them to talk a little trash.  I will not tolerate someone loafing when the rest of the team is busting their butts. 

  9. Jim, go ahead and list me your Nky top 5 in D.

JR: A:

1.  Tina's 
2.  Come Gets 'em 
3.  Who really cares about the rest 
4.  Who really cares about the rest 
5.  Who really cares about the rest 

10. In your opinion, give me a list of some good things and some not so good things that are involved in the sport of softball today?

JR: A:

  Good Things
 - Competition
 - Beer
 - Trash Talk
 Bad Things
 - Mullets 
 - Shin Guards
 - Umpires with 'God' complexes
 - Field 3 at Huddy 

11. If there was on thing you could change about the state of softball today, what would it be?

JR: A:

 I would get rid of all of the "souped-up" bats and bring back the old Louisville sluggers.  It is way to easy to hit homeruns now.  Back when I first started there were very few people that could hit one out.  Now you have people like me that can hit them out every now and then.  It would also stop people from complaining that 'D' does not allow homeruns.  The only reason they are complaining is that they probably just bought an F2 or Synergy or PST and now can't keep it in the park.  It takes LITTLE TALENT to hit homeruns.   

  12. Now time for some fun questions.  Below are a list of positions.  I want you to list in each position the best player that pops in your mind to fill these positions in the NKY area. Remember you CANNOTT use any Shakeys players. This will basically be Jim Romitos 2003 All Star team.

JR: A:

1B  - Laura Gilliam 
2B  - Cameron Jacobs 
SS  - Brian Maley 
3B  - Jeff Ellis
P  - Gary Bockweg or Will Keller 
C  - Jimmy Gentry 
2 Outfielders  - Greg Liable & Chad Luebbe
Coach  - Mark Knue 

13.  Who in your opinion is the most under rated player in the game today?

JR: A:

 Danny Meeks.  Danny is a consistent hitter, he can play infield and outfield and he is not going to hurt you anywhere you put him.

14.  Below are a list of parks in the area. By using a scale of 1-10. 1 being a dump and 10 being the field of dreams, rate these parks and give an explanation of why you give the parks these ratings.

JR: A:
Huddy Park  - 5 

Expressway Park  - 8 

Rivershore  - 6 

Riverstar  - 5 

Rumpke  - 6 

Eggelston  - 5 

Queen City  - 5

Kenton Lakes  -  3

Pastime  - 5 

Green Mountain  - 1 

15. This is a fill in the blank question.
       The biggest misconception about Jim Romito is_________?

JR: A:

   That I loaf when I play.  I do not loaf, I just make things look so easy that people think I am loafing.  Seriously though, people think that I am conceited.  I am not conceited, I am extremely confident.  You are only conceited when you can not back up what you say.  If someone wants to confront me on my skills I am thoroughly confident that I will be just fine. 

16. Do you have a sports idol?  If so who is he/she?

JR: A:

   No I do not.  What do I need an Idol for?  It's not like he/she would buy a round or anything like that.

17.   If today was your last day playing softball, how would you want people to remember Jim Romito as a coach/player?

JR: A:

  I don't want to be remembered.  Hell, most people don't know who I am now, so I doubt they will remember me when I stop playing.

  18. Jim,  if Shakey's were in the bottom of the 7th of the championship game in the D Worlds tournament in 2003, down 1 run with  men on second and third, with two outs, who on your team besides yourself would you like to see at the plate?

JR: A:

 Scott Eibel, Chris Fogt, Jay Eibel or Adam Maley.  Hell everyone on our team could get the job done. 

19.  If you had too use one word describing Shakeys what would it be?


  20. And on the lighter side of things (LOL!) , are you worried about Chris Fogt being banned by Mark Linnemann for life for gambling on the game of softball?

JR: A: Not really, Chris is barely batting his weight.  We can make due without him. 

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