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2005 Bash for Cash Entries

"Bash for Cash"
2004 NKY Stats Leaders
2004 NKY Rankings
2005 Area Rosters
Past Player's of the Year
Area World/National Champioms
Hall of Fame Inductees
2004 All-NKY Team
2003 All-NKY Team
2002 All-NKY Team

1. Mike Foulk's Auto Body (Covington, KY)
2. Kerry/Sci-Fit (Norwood, OH)
3. CBA/Smashmouth Softball Inc./Boombah (Cleveland, OH)
4. Riverside Merchants Softball (Riverside, OH)
5. BCP Associates / Jax Wax (Columbus, OH)
6. Multi-Serve/Smitty's Garage (Cincinnati, OH)
7. Budweiser/Shockers (Indianapolis, IN)
8. Team Bring It (Cincinnati, OH)
9. Veteran's Security/KY Chiropractic/Transfer Station/Easton (Independence, KY)
10. Meager Masonry (Medina, OH)
11. Garrett Racing\Westside\Easton (Indianapolis, IN)
12. Money (Orland Park, IL)
13. Paradise Sports/Mizuno (Lawrenceburg, IN)
14. K.A.O.S. / Perkins Ins. (Farmington, MI)
15. Highland County Hitmen (Hillsboro, OH)
16. Remax/Metro News (Sterling Heights, MI)
17. Michigan Mush (Sterling Heights, MI)
18. Michelob Light/SS/Reemco (Lavonia, MI)
19. Total Wellness Chiropractic (Cincinnati, OH)
20. Brock Restoration/TQL (Cincinnati, OH)
21. Design Concepts (Cincinnati, OH)
22. Loveless Hardwood (Cincinnati, OH)
23. Kontoulas Builders (Denver, NC)
24. EAP/ (Cincinnati, OH)
25. House Rules/Crosley's (Cincinnati, OH)
26. AA Softball/Kramer Plumbing (Cincinnati, OH)
27. Creative Walls (Detroit, MI)
28. The Express (Willoughby, OH)
29. South Dayton Mortgage (Kettering, OH)
30. HLS Bonding (Columbus, OH)
31. Hatten's Auto Body (Dayton, OH)
32. Rope Club (Chicago, IL)
33. Doc's Softball (Waite Hill, OH)
34. Cincinnati Diamond Backs (Cincinnati, OH)
35. Sequa (Centerville, OH)
36. Team Nati (Cincinnati, OH)
37. Steves Drywall (Perrysburg, OH)
38. Pure Romance (Cincinnati, OH)
39. Trinity Debt Management (Cincinnati, OH)
40. Rush Auto/ Cincinnati Canes (Cincinnati, OH)
41. Dayton Blazers (Dayton, OH)
42. Come Gets'em/Goodtimers II (Latonia, KY)
43. 2 - N - A Bisquit (Sellersburg, IN)
44. Cheviot Savings (Cincinnati, OH)
45. Champion Builder's/Skis (Sycamore, IL)
46. Huss Electric (Cincinnati, OH)
47. Kreimer's Bier Haus/TriState Sterling/Worth (Cincinnati, OH)
48. Silverton Cafe (Cincinnati, OH)
Upper "A/B"
1. Watanabe/Alpine/Tiny Town/TPS(Cincinnati, OH)
2. Players University (Dayton, OH)
3. Hub City Glass (Elizabethtown, KY)
4. Red's Boys/TPS (Duckhead, KY)
5. Superior Property Restoration/Scotts Carpet (Cincinnati, OH)
6. Big Dog Softball (Cicero, NY)
7. Oakley Blacktop/Mizuno (Dayton, OH)
8. Budweiser (Nashville, TN)
9. James S Arnold/Freeze Concrete (Cincinnati, OH)
10. Community Cab/Marty's Pub (Cincinnati, OH)
11. Graystone Mortgage (Cincinnati, OH)
12. Classic Car Wash (Florence, KY)
13. Bish's (Cincinnati, OH)
14. Crop's Boys/Team Boombah (Cincinnati, OH)
15. Concepts/Fund Peeler/Blitz (Lawrenceburg, IN)
16. Cincy Home Loans/B&A Sports Bar (Cincinnati, OH)
1. Tri-State/Team McCarty/Easton (Henderson, KY)
2. Sneaky Pete's/Ken's Beverage/Property Care/Franchise Softball (Cincinnati, OH)
3. Zeppsters (Louisville, KY)
4. Wessel Sports/PBSI (Cincinnati, OH)
5. Novelty (Lawrenceburg, KY)
6. Louisville Fire Fighters (Louisville, KY)
7. Bandits (Austin, IN)
8. Primetime (EKY)
9. Webster's (Deputy, IN)
10.  Timberline/Miken (Huntington, WV)
11. CKS (Central KY)
12. Southern Belle (Somerset, KY)
13. AB Construction (Athens, OH)
14. Team Fader/ (California, OH)
15. Diamond Dawgs (Tyner, KY)
16. Scott County Merchants (Georgetown, KY)
17. LH Trucking/DRS Bonded/D&M Stucco (Cincinnati, OH)
18. Team Mackey/Bobby Mackeys (WIlder, KY)
19. Marty's Pub/Ramsey Sportswear/Groundtexx (Cincinnati, OH)
20. Linedrive/Jay's Auto Sales (Louisville, KY)
21. Knights/Castrucci & Cronin Ford/UAW (Cincinnati, OH)
22. Worth/Coke (Owensboro, KY)
23. P&G Softball/Cowen's Sports (Dayton, OH)
24. Montey's (Wilder, KY)
25. PNA/Peter's & Marske (LaPorte, IN)
26. TKS #8 (Louisville, KY)
27. MMM/NWO (Cynthiana, KY)
28. Successful Products / Elliot Air Softball (Cincinnati, OH)
29. Frankie's All-Stars (Columbus, IN)
30. A&A Enterprises (Cincinnati, OH)
31. Planet Sportswear (Lexington, KY)
32. Printers Ink / Miken (Russellville, KY)
ASA Lower "D/E"
1. Paris Merchants (Paris, KY)
2. Sportsreach Red (Louisa, KY)
3. Duffy's Softball (North Vernon, IN)
4. Team Softball (Louisville, KY)
5. Buzzy's Drive Thru (Washington Courthouse, OH)
6. D&M Concrete (Mason, OH)
7. Regulators (Corbin, KY)
8. Final Score (Delaware, OH)
9. Kirby's Crew (Marion, KY)
10. Storm/Worth (Ronkonoma, NY)
11. BSC (Brownstown, MI)
12. S&S Tire/SSP (Lexington, KY)
13. Stixxx/Kyiana Disposal (New Albany, IN)
14. HDI (London, KY)
15. (Lexington, KY)
16. Dayton Strays (Dayton, OH)
17. O'Danny's Softball (Milwaukee, WI)
18. Holy Grail Softball (Cincinnati, OH)
19. Sleep Inn/LLC (Owensboro, KY)
20. Triple Threat (Wapakoneta, OH)
21. Christopher Homes/JLC (Covington, KY)
22. TSB (Marysville, OH)
23. Dayton Outlaws (Dayton, OH)
24. Title Express/Red Owl Inn (Ft Wayne, IN)
25. Sneaky Pete's Milford/Backstabbers (Cincinnati, OH)
26. OPT/Suntrust Mortgage (Erlanger, KY)
27. Team Softball (Nicholasville, KY)
28. The Mutants (Clarksville, IN)
29. Courthouse/Beer Sellar/Team Havoc Softball (Independence, KY)
30. GMC (Cincinnati, OH)
31. Howard's Chevrolet/Trump's Sports Bar (Frankfort, KY)
32. Heavy Metal (Lexington, KY)
33. SportsCard Exchange/Kentucky Redlegs (Bellevue, KY)
34. Bencin Trucking Softball (Akron, OH)
35. Isenberg Concrete (Clarksville, IN)
36. Dayton Jets (Riverside, OH)
37. (Union, KY)
38. JM Enterprise (Cincinnati, OH)
39. Team Chaos (Westerville, OH)
40. Triple Play (Lexington, KY)
41. Cornerstone Church (Columbus, OH)
42. North Broadway Auto Sales of Lexington, KY/Black Sox (Wayne, WV)
43. NKY Lightning/ETP13 Sports/BW3's (Edgewood, KY)
44. Most Wanted/Shire (Florence, KY)
45. XIK (Mt Sterling, KY)
46. Problem Drinkers (Louisville, KY)
47. Troxlein Softball (Cincinnati, OH)
48. Polecats (Roanoke, VA)
49. C & D Vending (Taylor, MI)
50. Kentucky Blue/Exit 62 (Sparta, KY)
51. Supreme Team Softball (Lexington, KY)
52. Marty's Pub/Paragon Salon's (Cleves, OH)
53. Larry Stein Reality (Middletown, OH)
54. TKB (Cynthiana, KY)
55. Hustlers (Cadiz, KY)
56. Legacy Softball (Florence, KY)
57. Seneca Sports Club (Allen Park, MI)
58. 5th Down/Team Blitz  (Ft Wayne, IN)
59. Lites Out Softball (Middletown, OH)
60. Orchard Hills/Goodfella's (Barboursville ,WV)
61. Craig Inc Softball (Lexington, KY)
62. Rage Softball (Blue River, KY)
63. Team Mizuno/Saints II(Cincinnati, OH)
64. Cooper Auto/Tanel/5 Star Family Fun Center (Huber Heights, OH)
65. Team Epizutos (Lexington, KY)
66. Ohio Merchants Softball (Madison, OH)
67. Shackelford Builders (Lexington, KY)
68. Six Pack/KY Fairways (Louisville, KY)
69. H&W McKenzie (KY)
70. Agape Instruments (Cincinnati, OH)
71. Cremation Society of KY (Louisville, KY)
72. Auto Xtremes (Maysville, KY)
73. Ante Up Softball (Cincinnati, OH)
74. Ripstik/Mizuno (St Louis, MO)
75. (Kettering, OH)
76. Double D'Z Tavern (Fairfield, OH)
77. Rocky's Drywall (Goshen, OH)
78. Siloh Softball (Fairborn, OH)
79.  American Legion (Taylor Mill, KY)
80. Locos (Winthrop Harbor, IL)
81. Louisville Sliders (Louisville, KY)
82. London Eagles (London, OH)
83. Phoenix Softball Club (St Louis, MO)
84. Rasmusson Electric/High Voltage (Kenosha, WI)

If You have entered and at least 7 days have past and your team is not listed, please conact me, thanks Bill Chard